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Enterprise Platform

Teneo is the only platform specifically designed for enterprise use.

Hybrid Approach

Teneo uses linguistic and machine learning techniques for optimal performance.

Leverage Data

Leverage contextual conversational data to achieve a competitive edge with Teneo.

Proven Technology

Teneo has been proven through a range of clients and a strong global partner network.

The Ultimate AI Chatbot in 3 Steps

Designed for the global enterprise, Teneo allows developers and business users to create highly intelligent conversational AI applications in over 35 languages and across multiple channels in record time.

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    Build Your Chatbot

    Rapidly build your chatbots conversational logic with drag and drop flow elements. Teneo uses both machine learning algorithms and linguistic conditions for precise and predictable understanding.

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    Deploy Your Chatbot

    Make your chatbot solutions available for the world to see, from website widget to Facebook Messenger and more. The open protocol of Teneo makes it easy and straightforward to deploy.

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    Analyze Your Chatbot

    Gain valuable business insight from the conversational data that's generated by your chatbot users. Improve the machine learning model with Teneo's integrated training data optimization.


Teneo’s intelligent conversational style, combined with its enterprise strength development capabilities has enabled us to create an automated service that still ensures that every customer has the personalized experience they deserve.

Lars Engvall

Head of Future Lab, Folksam

We need to ensure that both our cars and our brand values shine through by delivering an exciting and engaging user experience. Teneo has allowed us to achieve this with ease and Laura’s proven success with customers has enabled us to move her into a key online sales role.

Michal Reichl

Product Owner of Chatbot Laura, Škoda

We’ve seen first-hand, the potential that Conversational AI offers for companies. We’re delighted to enhance our relationship with Artificial Solutions, now as a client, and look forward to using Teneo to support our workforce.

Ewout Bolhuis

Director Innovation, Deloitte Netherlands

We chose to work with Artificial Solutions because they could demonstrate within very short timescales the depth and power of Teneo’s capabilities for a global company.

Michael Lindbäck

Senior Director Operational Excellence, Circle K

Teneo allows our customers to have a sophisticated conversational experience within the virtual bank that increases customer engagement and enables us to continue a direct conversation with them.

Daniela Pivato

CTO, Widiba

Working with Artificial Solutions enables our clients to benefit from an enterprise-strength platform that enables fast, flexible and scalable development of conversational AI applications that integrate closely with the UiPath RPA platform.

Bogdan Nedelcov

Head of Product Alliances, UiPath

We chose to work with Artificial Solutions because of the humanlike conversational experience Teneo delivers, alongside excellent scaling and integration abilities.

Jacob Pantzerhielm

Manager New Technology, Scania

Artificial Solutions’ robust, flexible platform has enabled us to easily build and go live with multiple conversational applications across a variety of channels, delivering our services to where our customers are already spending time.

Michael Franklin

New Channels Owner, Kindred

Working with Artificial Solutions enables us to take a flexible approach to designing conversational AI systems that will work across any platform, language or device and allow car manufacturers to differentiate themselves by providing the ultimate driving experience.

Michele D’Alessandro

CTO, Rücker Lypsa

Artificial Solutions will allow our customers to easily extend their connected-RPA sequences into conversational AI applications to maximize the benefits of both technologies, while delivering the 24/7 experience end-users are demanding.

Bruce Mazza

VP Technology Alliance, Blue Prism

Teneo has proved itself to be capable of not only delivering the humanlike conversational experience people expect, but provides the scalability and integration capabilities needed to develop sophisticated applications.

Leopoldo Colorado Valverde

Head of innovation, Babel