Research Engineer

Our research team is constantly looking into novel ways of processing language, developing prototypes and exploring new techniques that might find their way into the Teneo platform.

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Tell us a bit about you

I’m from Yugoslavia but have lived in Sweden for the last ten years. When it comes to my choice of profession, mathematics and programming have been my first and biggest love, but I’ve always wanted to apply them to solving “real world” problems. Therefore, I studied organizational sciences at the University of Belgrade and also became very active in the international Esperanto movement. While working in an organization that used the synergy of Esperanto and internet to help education and empower people all over the world, it became very obvious to me how important it is for people to be able to communicate in the language of their choice. The combination of programming and languages has led me to computational linguistics, which I’ve studied at different universities in Sweden.

What do you do in your role?

I work in the Research & Development team, which means that I’m involved in the development of new tools and features at the earliest, prototype stage. More concretely, I work on automating some of the processes involved in the creation of NLI applications, with focus on data mining and machine learning. My previous tasks have involved developing reusable language resources and rethinking certain parts of our NLI application IDE, Teneo Studio.

What attracted you to Artificial Solutions?

After working in the non-profit sector for a decade, I was curious about how it would be to work “in the industry”. Artificial Solutions seemed like an attractive company, nicely situated in Stockholm, international but not too big, and with an exciting field of research, Natural Language Interaction.

What’s great about working here?

The best things about the company are the people working here and the field of Natural Language Understanding and Interaction. I often get to work on new things and I’m constantly learning, both on my own and from my colleagues. I also appreciate the flexible working hours.

What are the skills that you think someone needs to be successful at Artificial Solutions?

To thrive in our team, one needs to be self-driven, ready to learn and very flexible. The technology and the development priorities are changing quickly, and we need to adapt. The development process is agile, sometimes we work in teams, sometimes on our own, and we often need to switch between different projects.

What do you think about our products and technology?

I’m proud and happy to be a part of the Teneo Platform team. It is a kick knowing that I work on something that is among the best-of-its-kind in the world, and it is a push to help make it and keep it the best platform in the market.

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