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Project managers oversee the development process of our solutions, ensuring high quality standards and on-time delivery.

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Tell us a bit about you

I’m from Germany and I studied French, Latin American studies and Sociology with a focus on Linguistics.

What do you do in your role?

In Artificial Solutions, I work as a Project Manager. This means that I’m in charge of planning and managing the different phases of the implementation of a solution. Furthermore, I always try to keep my head in the objetives and think about the end user; I ensure that what we develop is what the user truly needs.

What attracted you to Artificial Solutions?

Before joining Artificial Solutions, I worked in Hamburg for a technical provider of the company. 10 years ago, I got an offer to come to Spain and join Artificial Solutions and I accepted.

What’s great about working here?

I’m completely hooked with the topic of Natural Language Technology. It is a very interesting field to work in and it’s a lot of fun to develop solutions for our clients that are useful and help their business thrive. About the company, I like that you don’t have to have a management position to push ideas across the company to improve our products or solutions.

What is your favorite thing about your team?

We have very kind colleagues and I really enjoy working with them. We are all quite very flexible and like to work on new topics together which is a lot of fun.

What are the skills that you think someone needs to be successful at Artificial Solutions?

To work at Artificial Solutions, employees should be communicative, enthusiastic, flexible and kind with each other.

What do you think about our products and technology?

I think we have made great progress in both the technology and the products and it is amazing to see what we can do now compared to what was possible five or ten years ago.

Where do you see the future of Natural Language Technology going?

I truly don’t know exactly what the future will bring but I’m sure that we will see more and more of it in the coming years. From talking barbies to talking cars, Natural Language will continue to advance massively in this decade.

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