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Discover what it means to avoid the “False Choice” Between Linguistic Models and Machine Learning when building a conversational solution.

Everyone’s talking about artificial intelligence, but what’s the next step? That’s the question our CEO, Lawrence Flynn, asks in The Times’ supplement on Artificial Intelligence. He looks at the challenges facing organizations preparing to implement AI-based solutions including the potential for long development cycles, costly resources and the threat to data ownership.

In How Artificial Intelligence Gives Your Business A Critical Edge, Lawrence Flynn, discusses how choosing the right underlying development platform technology, one that delivers intelligence on the inside, not just to your customers, can solve all of these issues and provide additional value to your business.

Fundamental to delivering a flawless experience is ensuring the application understands the user’s natural language input, whenever or wherever it’s given. But this is only half the story. Consumers expect technology to do more, to meet their needs and get things done. Using natural language to interact with people is so much more than just providing a smart answer.

The Times supplement, Artificial Intelligence for Business, looks at how Artificial Intelligence is already influencing life today by enhancing the way humans interact with machines. The report looks at how various business sectors including finance and retail are using the technology and considers the key questions CEOs should be asking about AI for their business.

Key to the success of artificially intelligent applications is a seamless, natural language interface between the user and the application. But most AI providers only offer point solutions. Teneo from Artificial Solutions delivers a different approach enabling enterprises to quickly and easily develop artificially intelligent applications that are scalable, cross platform, cross device, multi-lingual — and deliver real-value across the entire business.

Teneo enables you to introduce an intelligent, conversational element to interactions that brings back the connection between a customer and an organization, one that is often lacking in most digital transactions today.

People reveal vast amounts of information in conversation such as why they are searching for something; particular features of interest; the reason they are hesitant to purchase. All this information can be analysed in real-time, enabling the organisation not just to study trends, but to react immediately and personalise the interaction.

Ultimately, securing the sale.

To discover the next step in your AI journey, download Lawrence Flynn’s article here.

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