Will Bots Bring The Art Of Persuasion To Online Channels?

Will Bots Bring The Art Of Persuasion To Online Channels?

Last time you purchased a coffee from your preferred chain, did you exit the shop with a companion pastry despite your commitment to a month long detox?

The counter display is already auto-suggesting the possibility but was it the moment the barista said “Would you like a pastry with that?” that your resolve crumbled?

This tried and tested method adds $millions to revenue numbers. For years in-store assistants have been trained to carefully introduce other purchasing possibilities. But it’s harder to repeat in the digital world. In a one-way purchasing interaction the consumer is far more resistant to persuasion. Peppering the screen with offers just doesn’t have the same impact.

But what about if I’m interacting via a Messenger service? The Bot knows me; my preferred double shot before 11am; my gluten free preferences.

  • Me: I’d like a tall, skinny latte to go.
  • BaristaBot: double shot as usual
  • Me: sure
  • BaristaBot: Anything else? We have a special on gluten free cookies for 99c. Want me to add one?
  • Me: how many cals?
  • BaristaBot: less than 120
  • Me: why not 🙂
  • BaristaBot: Ok, ready for collection in 7 mins

With a carefully engineered UX Bots might just open up a world of opportunity to be persuasive. Not only will this add $$$’s to the revenue line, the data it generates will be massively informing about what works well and allow increasingly personalized/specific up-sell scenarios.

But remember, not all Bots are made equal – choose your foundation carefully. To master the art of persuasion your Bots need to master the art of conversation first.

What do you think? Will Bots enable a more persuasive digital engagement?

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