Will AI Alter The Future Of The Poorest Child?

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The Fabric Of The Internet Is About To Change, or so says Dominic Santo, and he might just have a point.

Sancto believes that not only will natural language enable the fourth industrial revolution, it will ultimately take the poorest, uneducated child in the world and change their prospects, forever. It’s a convincing vision. You can read his post here.

He’s not alone in his view of how conversational applications will change our surroundings. Opus Research’s recent report  considered how natural language is taking centre stage as the main interface between businesses and consumers. In addition, Sancto’s own post highlights the turn around by Gartner as to how quickly AI bots will power the majority of customer service interactions.

Gartner now estimates that in just 3 short years, 85% of customer service requests will be handled by bots. If you’re not yet a part of the natural language revolution it’s time to take action. Otherwise you might just find Akash has put you out of business.

Our Vision: Making Technology Think White Paper

This white paper looks at what opportunities the always connected consumer presents and how you can use Natural Language to maximize these for your enterprise.

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