Why Elbot, The Cheeky Chatbot, Can Teach Enterprises a Thing or Two

Discover the current use of voice assistants by consumers and the implications and likely changes in the near future.

Today we launched Elbot as a speech-enabled, natural language mobile app.

For those of you who haven’t already met Elbot, he’s a rather cheeky, witty and argumentative chatbot built using Artificial Solutions’ Teneo technology who has lived in the digital world in his own website (www.elbot.com) for several years. And from today he’s also available as a mobile app on iOS and Android:

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.artificialsolutions.elbot
iPhone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/elbot/id1030797796

Of course, as a chatbot, his goal in life is a little different from many of the intelligent digital employees for automated customer self-service that we typically build for organizations. These tend to be designed to identify an issue asked in the users own terminology and answer it as quickly as possible. Elbot on the other hand is designed to keep you talking and to do this he has a strong, quirky and funny personality and ruthlessly uses psychology to guide the conversation in the direction he wants. Try asking him a simple math question like ‘what’s 2 + 2?’ and he’ll give you the wrong answer just so he can argue the case!!!

So why would Artificial Solutions bother with a chatbot like Elbot and launch him on mobile?

Well, firstly Elbot is a great demonstration of how Teneo can be used to build artificially intelligent virtual assistants. He is seriously clever. Crowned ‘King of AI’ after winning numerous competitions including the Chatterbox Challenge, Elbot has also been voted both the Funniest and most Knowledgeable bot (proving humans can be right sometimes!) and won the prestigious Loebner Award for convincing human interrogators that he was indistinguishable from a human.

Secondly, by taking Elbot to new channels, across platforms, it showcases the power of Teneo to support an omni-channel strategy by utilizing the same core knowledge across multiple channels.

Thirdly, there’s the role that personality plays in all of this. Yes, some companies merely desire a quick automated answer for their customer service but increasingly, organizations are recognizing the value of being able to interact and converse with their customers in an intelligent, humanlike and capable manner through automated channels. By developing a personality that reflects and strengthens the company’s brand, digital employees can keep customers both entertained and pleased to get their questions quickly resolved. And Elbot certainly demonstrates the ability to build compelling personalities by the bucket-load.

Finally, Elbot shows how natural language technology can be used to interact with customers to amuse them, support them and engage with them, in a scalable manner. This is key in building the relationship and adding a personality to automated natural language interactions is certainly one way of keeping customers coming back for more.

Give Elbot a go – if there’s one thing I can guarantee, he’ll make you smile and keep you talking just a little longer than you might have expected!

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Andy, who lives with his family in the UK, is Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer at Artificial Solutions. A regular speaker at industry conferences and events, Andy delivers insight on the rise of AI, the challenges businesses face and the future of intelligent conversational applications.

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