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Solving customer contact centre challenges with Conversational AI


Solving customer contact centre challenges with Conversational AI

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Cost is not a business driver. Change is.

No company sets out to fail its customers, but many businesses today are failing to serve their customers effectively due to inadequate customer services operations. This comes with real costs: negative promotion, customer churn and missed revenue opportunities.

Contact centres are usually viewed as cost drivers rather than business drivers. They are often the front line of engagement and being able to stand out from the crowd with a second-to-none customer experience is a challenge. With a massive increase in the volume of customer contacts, the cost of agent recruitment and training, and the high level of attrition in the contact centre industry, investment in technology will unquestionably be required.

Conversational AI technologies can automate a large portion of the process to resolve customer queries quickly, especially for common issues and FAQs, and can also complete tasks like order cancellation or rescheduling through an intuitive chat flow.

By taking this a step further with the introduction of more advanced data analytics techniques applied to text and voice conversations, conversational intelligence can identify actionable insights. This is where the contact centre becomes more than just an overhead; it can add value by improving the experience and help grow the business.

This white paper, written in collaboration with CGI, will examine the future of contact centres starting with the change drivers, uncovering common mistakes and their hidden business costs, and explain how to rebuild to create new opportunities and better outcomes all round. If the question is how can contact centres improve customer and employee experiences, and ultimately their bottom line, then Conversational AI should be the answer. Download it now to learn more!

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