True conversations are critical to AI success

True conversations are critical to AI success

One of the leading analysts in the field of consumer technology, Tim Bajarin, commented recently in PC Magazine about the increased activity in the AI sector. He believes that it is now only as human machine interaction has evolved to be more conversational and less command driven does this enable it to become the interface of choice.

At Artificial Solutions we’ve always focused on humanlike conversation within our natural language platform, Teneo. Despite the fact that incorporating a conversational element into an intelligent natural language interface such a bot, virtual assistant or an IoT device is one of the most complicated aspects in development, we strive to simplify the process. This is because we agree with Tim, true lifelike conversation is an important part of any AI interface, both in terms of user acceptance and in the data it provides.

Click on the link to read more in Tim Bajarin’s column: Google and Amazon Aren’t the Only Ones With Powerful AI

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