The Power of Teneo x Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft is a formidable player in the Conversational AI technology community and for good reason. Azure services, from compute to cognitive, are often at the heart of best-in-breed CAI platforms and solutions. Now, following a recent announcement, the scope of Microsoft’s Conversational AI offering is set to expand.

For example, Artificial Solutions’ SaaS CAI platform, Teneo is delivered exclusively from the Microsoft Azure cloud. It’s what allows our technology to provide the most secure and available service to enterprise-level organizations, wherever they are in the world.

Azure Cognitive Services, from speech to language, coupled with Teneo’s advanced language resources, create unmatched levels of accuracy and fidelity.

And it’s not just Azure services. The Microsoft Power suite, including applications like Power BI and Power Automate, combine with Teneo to enable greater problem-solving skills and a deeper understanding of the customer journey and experience.

As a result, Teneo and Microsoft have come to power some of the most successful CAI implementations on the planet.


A Unified CAI Canvas

It’s critical to provide conversational builders and developers with the right tools to be their most creative and productive. At the same time, it’s equally important to provide a space for collaboration across multidisciplinary teams.

Creating a unified authoring canvas that allows creators to work together is no simple task. It’s taken nearly a decade to build the perfect environment within Teneo, with further improvements being made every day.

This is relevant for Conversational Design leaders as Microsoft announced that the authoring canvas’, which sits within Microsoft Power Virtual Agents and Bot Framework Composer, would be unified in their next release of Power VA.

Set for GA later this year, this new “Unified Canvas” will take some of the best pro-code capabilities in Composer and combine them with the no-code, low-code experience found today in Power VA.

Microsoft will make significant progress over the coming year, providing Artificial Solutions with an even greater opportunity expand upon its partnership and to further democratize Conversational AI development while expanding the scope of builders, creators, and contributors.


Prepare for Next-Gen CAI

The latest version of Power VA is now on a steady march towards general availability, meaning a wide variety of organizations will require further guidance to navigate another major shift in the ever-changing CAI tooling landscape.

This is further exemplified by the release of the latest version of Teneo. One that brings a significant improvement in developer experience, and ultimately a significant improvement in customer experience.

The evolution of Power Virtual Agent and the increasingly powerful Teneo are game changers, but when combined they may ultimately prove to be a force multiplier for organizations looking to develop truly personalized customer experiences.


So What about Bot Composer?

While Microsoft hasn’t officially announced end-of-life for the Bot Framework Composer, it appears clear that with this new evolution of PVA the days of Bot Composer are numbered. While we eagerly await the GA release of the new “Unified” PVA later this year, we know many customers are in the throws of working through challenging CAI implementations right now. Here at AS we’ve got strong experience supporting those journeys and would love to connect with any of you on a similar path.

Do you want to find out how Teneo can match your Composer implementations? Feel free to contact our team to learn more.