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Artificial Solutions announces the general availability of the ubiquitous personal assistant

Artificial Solutions, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, humanlike interaction with technology, announced today the general availability of the beta version of our natural language app, the world’s first intelligent personal assistant app to persist conversations across platforms and devices.

Key highlights:

  • Highly intelligent personal assistant app with a broad range of features
  • Sophisticated memory that knows the user and the conversation they were having, even when the user switches between eco-systems
  • Able to remember an individual’s preferences to offer truly personal approach
  • Launching on Android, Windows Phone 8 and browsers
  • Powered by Artificial Solutions’ award winning, patented natural language interaction technology that enables a more humanlike conversation

Previewed at Mobile World Congress, our natural language app can do everything expected of a personal assistant app, but unlike her competitors she can remember preferences and the context of conversations as users switch between their devices. This allows users to take our natural language app with them as they move between devices and users can even continue a conversation across devices making our natural language app truly personal to the individual, not tied to the device.

For example ask her to recommend a restaurant on an Android tablet and then say “take me there” to a WP8 mobile and our natural language app will understand that the user is asking for directions to the restaurant.

Our natural language app also features many of the intelligent capabilities already available in Artificial Solutions’ enterprise virtual assistants such as memory, contextual understanding and the ability to handle conversation interruptions. If a user is setting a meeting but then asks a question about the weather, our natural language app will answer the new query and then gently bring the conversation back to finalizing the meeting – just like an efficient human assistant. She is also highly intuitive. If our natural language app thinks an important element of an instruction is missing, for example the title of a meeting, she’ll prompt for more information.

Our natural language app can remember an individual’s preferences to offer a highly personal approach. Alongside a number of customizable features including changing the theme, users can set our natural language app to remember favorites such as a share price for a particular company. In addition, users can easily view notes, reminders, alarms, etc. previously set by scrolling left to right, as well as previous conversations by scrolling up and down.

“Our natural language app is the world’s first truly personal assistant.  Unlike anything else on the market, our natural language app is capable of running across multiple platforms, remembering details and is highly intelligent, allowing our natural language app to deliver a really humanlike experience. She’ll even tell you a joke,” says Lawrence Flynn, CEO of Artificial Solutions. “our natural language app’s unique ability to follow users as they switch between devices whether it’s within a mobile app or on a desktop browser makes her very versatile for all kinds of applications.”

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