The natural language revolution

Discover the four major challenges facing online retailers looking to address customer service and support.

Natural language is at a tipping point. Driven by the likes of Siri, consumers expect technology not just to hear them, but to understand them and react intelligently. The market for natural language interfaces is expected to grow to US $13.4 Billion by 2020.

Many of us think of second-generation intelligent virtual assistants when we consider natural language, and alone this market is expected to reach US $ 5.1 Billion by 2022. In fact, the widest use of Teneo today is in building digital employees that are capable of holding meaningful dialogs with users and respond in a consistent, accurate manner.

But this is only the beginning.

Delivering artificial intelligence capabilities today

AI doesn’t have to be something out of Arthur C. Clarke’s Space Odyssey. Features such as machine learning and implicit personalization already allow Teneo to deliver applications that are capable of understanding more about an individual, their likes and preferences, through interaction only.

Imagine a personal assistant app that knew your favorite baseball team lost the game last night and played your favorite melancholy tunes on the commute to work the next day. You never told her which team you rooted for or which of the tracks on your playlists were sad, she just knew.

It’s not science fiction. It’s here now.

Natural language helps companies grow revenues

Real-time interpretation of natural language data and the ability to access specific information related to an individual from other data sources, allows our NLI (Natural Language Interaction) apps to automatically personalize their responses to an individual level. This opens up new marketing possibilities and revenue opportunities for enterprises.

Furthermore, Teneo’s analytic capabilities enable organizations to unlock the knowledge from millions of conversations, delivering immediate access to an unrivalled depth of understanding into the voice of their customer alongside key business intelligence.

Help your customers grow their business.

Giving Cognitive Computing an Intelligent Interface

IBM’s Watson has been in the news recently and there is no doubt that Watson will make leaps and bounds in complex areas such as medical research or renewable energies, but it needs an intelligent, highly customizable interface to interact with humans. Accurate understanding of the information given and the sentiment behind it is critical in collating data from natural language conversations to be used in cognitive computing.

Teneo enables organizations to easily create interfaces that can run on any platform or device that engages users to naturally deliver more information during a conversation. Real-time analysis and intelligent reasoning enables Teneo to recognize when a piece of information is missing and can ask the user to supply it accordingly. In this way, Teneo helps improve the quality of the information before it is transferred to the cognitive system.

To outthink, first you need to understand

The immediate opportunity

Smartphones, wearables and the IoT are changing the technology landscape. It’s clear if your clients want to talk to their customers they need a mobile presence, but having an app nowadays is no longer enough. Devices are getting smaller and if consumers are looking at their smartphones with half an eye to the TV watching Game of Thrones, then you need the interaction to be smooth, effortless and fast.

Mobile apps and heavy data activities don’t go hand in hand, which is why Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook etc are all investing heavily in a speech-enabled user experience to give a consistent, cross-channel way of interfacing with technology.

But enterprise clients won’t want to hand over valuable customer data to these industry giants and that’s why there is a compelling requirement to develop their own artificially intelligent applications – and this can be achieved with the help of Artificial Solutions.

The future

History shows that consumers have a habit of driving useful technology into the workplace. In just a few years many of today’s leading analysts expect to see natural language in wide spread use throughout the enterprise, wherever it is needed, on a multitude of platforms.

Developing a strong natural language foundation that delivers benefits to an enterprise today will pay dividends in the next few years.

The road is littered with example of companies that underestimated the power of new technology and the consumers that drive the growth. Don’t let your company be the next victim.

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Andy, who lives with his family in the UK, is Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer at Artificial Solutions. A regular speaker at industry conferences and events, Andy delivers insight on the rise of AI, the challenges businesses face and the future of intelligent conversational applications.

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