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Discover the four major challenges facing online retailers looking to address customer service and support.

Since the beginning of the year I’ve spoken at 12 conferences in 5 countries. Some are small niche events, others are global summits, but a question I’m most frequently asked is what is Teneo, and why is it gaining so much traction for enterprise chatbots?

Teneo enables enterprises to rapidly build a range of artificially intelligent natural language applications from digital employees and mobile personal assistants, to wearables, bots and IoT interfaces, in 86 languages – all from a single platform. Deep analytics provides the backbone to deliver true machine learning and implicit personalization that enables greater understanding about an individual, their likes and preferences, through interaction only.

Historically, creating these conversational interfaces has required specialist skills, significant resources and a great deal of time. However, Teneo’s advanced machine learning capabilities automatically writes the complex underlying language code and algorithms that simulate the way a human thinks.

Innovative and unique enterprise chatbots

Teneo is the only technology to deliver all the tools an enterprise needs to build intelligent, conversational applications.

The revolutionary approach that Teneo takes allows developers to create in days that which can take months in competitive products. Teneo achieves this by simplifying the complexity in building natural language applications. Initially, through intelligent automation, removing the need for specialist skills such as computational linguists, and then by enabling applications to be easily maintained in real-time by business users.

Teneo addresses all three aspects of the development process to deliver truly humanlike understanding. Firstly it provides the data needed to train the system, with its inclusive large, curated data resources, equivalent to millions of conversations and the tools for quickly expanding them if required. Competitor products rely solely on the enterprise having already curated the data, which is often not practical, particularly if it is addressing a new opportunity within the business.

Secondly, it takes a hybrid approach to algorithms to manipulate the data. The backbone of the Teneo platform is a rule-based algorithm, but some components make use of statistical algorithms. This is a key advantage over purely statistical systems, which cannot work without curated training data.
Finally it provides a unique graphical user interface so that humans can easily construct the intelligence behind human-machine conversations to ensure that natural language applications properly understand the context of the conversation – every time.

Commercially viable conversational AI applications

There is of course a significant ROI in the initial build through faster development timescales and less reliance on highly specialist skills. Teneo’s flexibility means that enterprises can develop as many additional applications as they want to, reusing much of an original build, and delivering an even greater return on investment.

In addition, ROI can be derived from the function of the end-application.
In the case of one digital assistant the initial project which included offering assistance over 20+ domains, approximately 30 knowledge areas and thousands of potential question and response combinations, was completed with 12 weeks. From day one it was able to answer 41% of all questions asked to the full satisfaction of the customer, with around 30% of them exceeding 5 transactions each; a clear indicator that even the more detailed queries were easily dealt with. In addition the assistant understood 94% of all inputs, highlighting gaps in the knowledge base for the company to address.

ROI also comes in less tangible forms such as customer experience and conversational insight as Will Mace, Head of Strategic Development at Kindred explains:

“Natural language interaction has enabled us to create a positive, simplified experience for our customers in what is a complex industry. As speech enabled apps become more commonplace, people expect interactions to be intelligent, fast and responsive. They are fed-up with clunky menu driven interfaces; instead customers are demanding sophisticated understanding of their spoken words. Using Teneo has enabled us to deliver not just the application our customers want, but provided us with the insight to build on that conversation too.”

Putting the enterprise chatbots in charge of AI

Artificial intelligence is a business critical factor for enterprises. It strengthens faltering customer relationships through closer engagement and realizes revenue opportunities that might otherwise have been missed. A fundamental building block of AI is a conversational interface.

Teneo puts the power of AI-based systems into the hands of businesses. There are thousands of use cases for Teneo; by a bank to discuss account transactions, by a utility company to pay bills and change personal information, or by a manufacturer to interact with an IoT device. Each company has a unique culture and a different way of doing things. Teneo makes it possible to build AI experiences tailored to each of them.

For end users, it allows them to interact with technology, businesses and services, in their own language, using their own words, 24/7. With Teneo, customers can talk to their devices, apps and services just as if it was another human, and receive an intelligent response. Teneo remembers past conversations, and is able veer off to discuss a different issue then use its memory to return to the original topic. Unlike many humans, it also remembers a user’s preferences from one interaction to the next.
In a recent survey, 68 percent of respondents said they enjoyed using voice assistance technology on their mobile device at least once a week, with 49 percent using it more now, than before. While over 40 percent currently use it almost every day, respondents across the board agreed they would seek out more language interaction with their devices if it offered greater functionality and better conversational accuracy.

Teneo enables enterprises to meet these demands.

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Conversational Data – Revolutionizing the Information Age White Paper

This white paper shows how Teneo can help businesses exploit data through the implementation of enterprise-focused, conversational AI solutions, while crucially still retaining full ownership and control over it.

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