Teneo Insight Extends The Value Of Virtual Assistants

Artificial Solutions, the natural language interaction specialist whose virtual assistants help companies optimize customer service, announced today the launch of Teneo Insight, a new analytics system for the Teneo platform that enables clients to realize even more value from their intelligent virtual assistants. Teneo Insight allows organisations to understand their customers’ minds by providing a deeper knowledge of their customers wants, needs and purchasing requirements through lightning-fast analysis of conversations held with their most efficient employee, their virtual assistant.

Most website analytics just provide data of customer browsing habits, but Teneo Insight enriches the information by delivering an unprecedented level of in-depth intelligence of what customers are asking for in their own words. Once the data has been analyzed, interpreted and categorized, Teneo Insight delivers in-depth analysis over multiple dimensions to build a detailed picture of customer trends and interests.
Using this detailed information, organisations will be able to develop their offering to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales. Which products or services have the most questions asked about them? Why is there a sudden increase in volume of complaints registered on the website? Analysis might show for instance that altering an instruction in a manual will reduce a particular customer query or provide an understanding as to why buying habits change during the day that can then be used to maximize potential sales. It can also provide valuable research for highlighting areas for improvement in product development.

“Virtual assistants gather a huge amount of valuable input direct from customers during the course of their work. However, collecting and analyzing large datasets is notoriously slow and frequently any benefit that could be derived from the information mined is lost because the timescales are too long,” says Lawrence Flynn, CEO of Artificial Solutions. “Teneo Insight enables organisations to improve business agility by providing detailed access to customer interactions that can be acted upon immediately to improve service, response times, marketing and sales activity across the entire company.”

Artificial Solutions has worked with leading Business Intelligence provider QlikTech, whose solution QlikView helps ensure that Teneo Insight is able to provide lightning fast, actionable customer intelligence, but that’s just one aspect of the new analytics system. In addition, Teneo Insight allows organisations to set and review KPIs and identify gaps in the content base, helping to continually improve and refine the virtual assistant’s value. With detailed statistics, deeper analysis and the ability to drill down to each level of detail including the actual transcripts of customer interactions, Teneo Insight enables enterprise to realise even more value from their Teneo Virtual Assistant.

Teneo Insight is available in two versions, Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition. Both are available immediately and are offered as a subscription based SaaS model.

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