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One of the frustrating aspects of developing cutting edge technology is that we’re not always able to tell you about the amazing ways companies are using Teneo. That’s why I’m delighted to share with you this fascinating article about Shell’s latest use of our technology with Shelly and LubeChat. It’s already been deployed in multiple geographical areas including India and China where the natural language capability is also supporting a range of channels including web plus social networks such as WeChat.

Shell typifies many of our customers that start with ‘proof-point’ projects that are designed to expand and grow with the business, improving the overall customer experience and providing real differentiation.  For example, Shell are actively promoting Shelly through video.

This is exactly why scalability, easy integration with legacy systems, and natural language data analytics are so important in a conversational development platform. Teneo’s strength lies in the speed with which enterprise can develop intelligent, conversational applications to capitalize on emerging opportunities and then easily port them to be multi-lingual, over any device or service.

In the meantime, if you’d like to read more about how Shell is using NLI, why not read the article in Smart Investor ‘Meet Shelly, Shell’s Siri-like bot to answer queries on vehicle lubricants’

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