Teneo Developers Community: How Collaboration and Shared Knowledge will Be Key in Digital Transformation

Isolation and confinement are not easy to endure. What was once a situation endured by astronauts, explorers, and prisoners has now become the default position for us all as a direct result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Yet humans are innately social. Communication, cooperation and collaboration are traits that are ingrained in our DNA and have allowed us to thrive as communities.

Another consequence of this recent pandemic is that people, concerned by the uncertain economic future and aware of the need to strengthen their professional skills while at home, have embarked on honing in on their skills and doing online training to develop further knowledge and aptitudes to prepare for a post-Covid-19 environment.

Some changes have already arrived. Covid-19 has heightened awareness of digital transformation and artificial intelligence and its importance in saving resources and providing optimal customer experience via 24/7, multilingual, contextual support to customers, as well as assisting employees. Chatbot deployment is a key element of this transformation.

Businesses are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence and advanced chatbots as solutions that can manage heavy workloads, boost their customer experience and increase brand loyalty, and platforms such as Teneo have proven to be hugely efficient in exceeding these expectations. Subsequently, conversational AI has become a focal point for developers seeking to optimize their bot-building capabilities.

This brings us back to the importance of collaboration. The perception of developers as isolated workers is a cliché. They may write, test and deploy code in isolation, but developers know that the best advances in ideation, structuring and problem-solving take place with collaboration and cooperation.

Humans are not only social; they are problem solvers. The Internet has helped them solve problems faster, and great developers enjoy solving glitches and helping their peers.

Whilst there are always warnings of the social impact of the Internet as a dangerous tool that prompts social withdrawal and alienation, much has also been said about its ability to attract communities from all around the world to discuss issues of common interest and increase connections to people they already know, whilst helping people, including developers, solve problems.

Once developers have started with coding and building bots, they want to connect with other developers who can speed up their progress and help solve coding problems that may arise along the way. This is where developer communities come in.

The Importance of Developer Communities

Most companies understand the importance of having a functional IT team and developers, in the same way that software vendors need to attract, maintain and provide support to developers who use their products.

Developers are very collaborative, as can be seen by the vast number of open-source software and online communities already available. This is why developer communities are so important. Developers use these communities to meet peers, exchange knowledge and tips and solve technical issues they may have.

Share Knowledge, Solve Problems

The more problems that are solved, the better their coding skills get, and for those who provide their knowledge, these online communities are an ideal stage to reinforce their abilities. Additionally, developers benefit from participating in active communities and getting direct, honest and expert feedback.

These honest and real responses are priceless for developers, programmers, and to the organizers of the community. Organizers can see how developers find solutions to their problems, but can also detect bugs, suggestions for better tools and other feedback, and can release patches and solutions to these problems.

Strong communities may be slow growers, but when there is high-quality knowledge, they become invaluable to developers. When they run into software errors or difficulties, communities are hubs where developers can see that other peers have experienced similar problems and found ways to fix them. These apply to common and uncommon problems, and this is where feedback from leading experts is most appreciated.

Recognize Leadership and Expertise

In these communities, you can recognize leadership. Most communities are formed by a large number of members who consume the content and advice relayed on these forums but are passive when it comes to participating in them. The minority of members who actively contribute to providing content are the actual voice of expertise and leadership in the community.

Even the most expert and experienced coders, however, can have their ideas challenged or improved in these communities.

The more a community grows, sharing knowledge on it becomes an almost impulsive act and a part of a meaningful human network. Most of the attendees build skills, find new ways to solve problems and interact with peers with whom they may not have otherwise crossed paths.

Why Platforms and Companies Should Use Developer Communities

So why is it important that the best platforms establish developer communities? These communities bring people together and provide an opportunity to create better programmers, developers and solutions. Additionally, the use of these communities develops trust between programmers and investment in peer collaboration. It also develops loyalty to the platform or software that developers want to learn more about and improve.

Communities are essential in allowing developers to grow. From sharing support and knowledge to peer-programming, reviews and assistance in difficult situations, developer communities are built on shared struggles and the need to put a community before individual needs and to grow on past findings.

Building trust isn’t easy. This must be achieved by encouraging the regular free flow of information and endorsing collaboration. By sharing knowledge and connecting experts with people and developers who need help, the platform becomes an invaluable asset that keeps growing, provides reliable information and develops trust and value.

If developers trust and value the information shared in a community, they will trust the individual who shared the information, the platform providing the forum and the organization that is trying to improve its service and make the workload easier for developers.

Communities are the ideal place to raise questions, ideas and solutions in a way that benefits everybody. This is why the new Teneo Community Forum is so exciting.

Teneo Developers Community

As a space for sharing knowledge and improving developer capabilities, conversational AI solutions will improve, and expertise will be enriched via the collaboration of experts and peers.

Isaac Newton said, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants”, as only with collaboration and past expertise can innovation and excellence be found.

The Teneo Community Forum

The Teneo Community Forum is a space for developers to meet, support one another and improve their bot-building capability.

At a moment where many companies are implementing digital transformation strategies, artificial intelligence and chatbots are becoming prominent features in the discussion of how to innovate and adapt to these new changes.

Teneo allows developers and businesses to swiftly create highly intelligent conversational AI applications in over 35 languages and across multiple channels. The Teneo Community Forum welcomes discussion and learning while encouraging developers to grow their capabilities, build smarter bots, provide feedback and challenge some ideas to further improve Teneo.

There are several ways of fostering community, from encouraging developers to evaluate the technology and community support, to spreading the knowledge of Teneo and ensuring that queries are replied effectively. The Community requires no authentication to participate, making it hassle-free when all a developer wants is a straightforward answer to a question.

Teneo Developers community

The first step in building knowledge and trust in the platform is to ensure that top experts are available to help Teneo users, developers, partners, technical audiences, and even employees with any requests.

These users can ask anything they want about bot-building with Teneo, as long as they respect specific privacy details surrounding a client’s environments, and there is a rich variety of categories to choose from to seek assistance.

As communities grow, developers begin to participate and provide their knowledge. This is what the Teneo Developers Community seeks. First, however, they will gain trust by deploying their experts in innovation, professional services, technical staff and sales teams to communicate with developers through the forum, direct questions or the Ask our Expert program, where developers will be able to pick the brains of the talented minds behind Teneo.

Despite the strange times we find ourselves in, these are also new times for digital innovation, growth and collaboration, and the Teneo Developers Community is the perfect place to learn more, improve abilities, learn from experts and also to participate in sharing your knowledge.

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