Teneo Connector: Vonage – Interactive Voice Response and SMS

vonage and teneo

Earlier this year, one of the largest insurance sales agency in America connected Teneo CAI with Vonage to automate part of its enrollment process. The insurance broker, which helps consumers shop for Medicare plans by providing unbiased price comparisons from some of the most trusted insurance carriers: Kaiser Permanente, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, Anthem, etc., was looking to better serve its clients and allow enrollers to provide support more effectively.

Users are now able to begin their Medicare onboarding journey by speaking with an insurance agent to identify what plans they are eligible for and what product best fit their needs. Upon verification of enrollment details, they are transferred to the Teneo assistant, which finalizes the enrollment process.

Within a few weeks, the Teneo CAI platform, which is fully integrated with Vonage’s programmable communications API (via the SMS and IVR connectors), was able to support complex contact center architecture, while taking over conversational portions of the enrollment process that would take agents up to 10 minutes to complete otherwise.

The new Teneo Vonage Voice Connector helps establish a seamless phone handover between the agents and the voice assistant, which finishes the enrollment process with customers. Here’s how:

Vonage provides a robust voice API that is well documented and easy to set up, and that was already directly integrated into Teneo.  This integration was instrumental to the rapid development and early rollover of the application, since it is responsible for starting the conversation between the user and the voice assistant. 

Once the user is transferred to the assistant, the audio is streamed to a Speech Service (provided by Vonage) that instantly transforms the audio into text, before feeding it into Teneo.  

At this point, Teneo takes the user input and sends back the appropriate response, which in turn goes through the same Vonage Speech Service integration, this time to transform the text into speech.  

Finally, the Speech Service connector tells Vonage to stream the audio back to the phone call and to the user. 

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