Technology that understands you – The NLI Opportunity

Discover how a conversational AI platform can help improve customer engagement and deliver a vital competitive edge.

In the past, technology controlled the user. Every time the technology updated, the user had to relearn. But what if technology could understand the user, not the other way around?

Digital employees, bots and the IoT are only the start of the natural language revolution. By 2020, natural language will be as critical to a business as its website is today. It will control every aspect of man and machine interaction, from artificially intelligent personal assistants to speech-enabling a cohesive IoT ecosystem.

The potential for the enterprise in terms of opening up new revenue streams and gaining a larger per-customer share of spend is huge. But it does require a rethink about how to deliver the smooth, effortless and fast interaction that customers expect – simple layering a mobile app over existing channels won’t cut it anymore.

People want to use everyday phrases, terminology and expressions to control apps, online services, devices, cars, mobiles, wearables and the IoT. But they expect intelligent responses.

Until recently, embarking on this type of implementation was a lengthy and complex process, only undertaken by computational linguistic specialists and technical experts. The end application was typically a fixed solution with no fast way to adapt to changing requirements. This rigid approach has stopped many fledgling projects in their tracks, as businesses realize the end results would be a sub-par product, incapable of doing its intended task.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The technology that enterprises choose to develop, deploy and analyze their natural language solutions will have a significant impact on how fast they can react in the future.

Delivering natural language applications to evolve with a business requires a reliable development and analytics solution that is scalable, multi-lingual and device independent; one that can seamlessly integrate with back end systems and third party applications. It also needs to be easy to use, delivering as much intelligence “under the hood” as it does to the end user.

The following whitepaper The Natural Language Opportunity, looks at what’s driving consumer/technology communication and how businesses can take advantage of it before their competitors do.

Read the whitepaper: The Natural Language Opportunity.

The Rise of the Conversational Assistant White Paper

This white paper, using independently commissioned research, looks at the current use of voice assistants by consumers and considers the implications and likely changes in the near future.

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