Artificial Solutions Included in Gartner Market Guide for Conversational Platforms

Artificial Solutions, the leading specialist in enterprise-strength Conversational AI, announced today that Gartner has mentioned the company in its latest Market Guide for Conversational Platforms*. Reflecting on the current state of the sector Gartner says: “The emergent market for conversational platforms — tools to build multiple chatbots and assistants for the enterprise — is set […]


Machine Learning Versus Linguistic Learning

I recently took time out from a conference to talk with Access-AI about the different approaches to building conversational systems. Most schools of thought fall into one of two camps. If you believe the machine learning crowd, then all you need to do is throw some data at a machine and out pops a natural […]


We speak your language

Language has so many subtle nuances it’s no wonder that some companies employ an army of computational linguistics just to deliver a single conversational interface that speaks one language.