Elbot Takes on Turing Test To Outwit Humans at Bletchley Park

Elbot, Artificial Solutions’ pet project, will be taking part in the Turing100 contest held at Bletchley Park on the 23rd June 2012. A previous winner of the Loebner Prize Contest, Elbot is the creation of R&D Consultant, Fred Roberts and is powered by Artificial Solutions patented NLI technology.


Elbot in the BBC FOCUS magazine

This month's issue of the BBC FOCUS magazine for Science and Technology clearly thinks so in their article "Nothing is impossible", where they discuss what impossibilities science could make possible over the years to come.


Elbot Winner Of The Loebner Prize 2008!

Elbot is an internal project at Artificial Solutions that has been developed over the last 7 years. It is our most intelligent bot with an enormous knowledge base, and he is currently used for advanced testing and sets the basis for the personality module.