Artificial Solutions Welcomes Swisscom as Webinar Special Guest

Conversational AI in Telecom webinar

Artificial Solutions® (SSME:ASAI), the leading specialist in enterprise-strength conversational AI, announced today that Swisscom is making a special guest appearance at the next webinar to discuss how it uses conversational AI to deliver intelligent voice assistance in multiple languages to its Swisscom Box customers. Developed using Teneo, the conversational AI application allows users to control various Swisscom TV functions including switching channels, searching for content or launching a Spotify playlist, as well as controlling smart home devices integrated via the Swisscom Home app, such as a networked light source.

“Adapting to market demands has been a key driver behind many innovations in the telecommunications industry over the years and today is no different. Conversational AI offers telcos not just a way to stand out in a crowded marketplace, but the ability to deliver value back to the business with a wealth of new opportunities,” says Nina Carey-Hodges, Senior Director Strategic Partnerships at Artificial Solutions.

Join Robert Kellner, Nina Carey-Hodges and Daniel Philippe Thiemann of Artificial Solutions, and Roger Dill of Swisscom as they discuss the challenges the telecom industry is currently facing and how conversational AI can help. They’ll look at how intelligent assistants can reduce friction in the customer journey to improve the customer experience and deliver a personalised service 24/7.

The webinar will take place on the 7 April 11am CET. To reserve your place click here.

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