Solving the Problem of Customer Disconnect

Discover how a conversational AI platform can help improve customer engagement and deliver a vital competitive edge.

Businesses seem destined to learn the hard way when it comes to the unintended consequences of changes in strategy. The latest phenomenon plaguing the modern enterprise is that while the internet has made it easier for customers, it’s moved businesses further away from understanding what it is the customer actually wants. At Artificial Solutions we call it the customer disconnect.

As major organizations strive for operational efficiencies by embracing the Internet, they’ve ignored one key point. Yes it’s convenient, for the enterprise and for the customer, but the internet is not a point to point network. Customers choose when and who they connect with, but there is rarely any true interaction.

So, although both the customer and the business enjoyed a brief honeymoon period where the web made things much easier, something was lost. And that something is proximity. The concept that an enterprise is intrinsically connected to its customers, with just a hint of intimacy that implies you know each other well.

Because, back in the day, when customers went into bank branches, or visited their local car dealerships, people knew people and tailored the customers experience accordingly. In today’s world of online banking and giant car supermarkets this proximity is lost.

In addition, the advances in technology of the last 10 years have also eroded the connection to customers further. The web has gone mobile. Nowadays more people interact with businesses through the Internet via their mobile devices than any other medium, in the car, at work and even in the home.

To follow their customers, enterprises developed mobile apps. But in reality all most organization’s have done is create a cut down version of their web applications, with reduced capability to meet the needs of a condensed screen size. It meets immediate customer needs, but still leaves the organization out in the cold.

What does customer disconnect mean for the modern business?

It means you have a problem and, as so often happens, for those who solve the problem, an opportunity.

The opportunity to reconnect. The opportunity to regain proximity with your customers.

Instead of being constrained by the challenges of small screens and keyboards, gear your thoughts to the multi-sensory world in which your customer operates. You want to listen to your customer, so give them a voice. It’s the most high proximity mode of communication. After all, we instinctively know are in trouble in relationships where the two parties do not “talk” to each other!

So, truly talk with your customers.

Talk to them as they use their mobile devices in the 24/7 connected world. I don’t mean give them a call centre number and some “lift music” to listen to while they are on hold. I mean really engage them in dialogue. Listen to their first person singular voice and respond to them in a truly uniquely personalized manner.

Enable them to have a constantly available, always-on listening sales assistant or customer service helper. One who is intelligent and capable. One who can get things done. One who knows them individually and responds accordingly.

I am not of course suggesting you suddenly massively increase your workforce to be ready 24/7 to meet this requirement. Instead I am suggesting that you hire a digital employee. A digital employee that is superbly well trained, knows all of your systems and processes and is capable of superhuman levels of workload. One who never goes sick or takes a holiday and one who amazingly knows all of your customers personally. One who speaks to them no matter what the hour; naturally!

You might be thinking that achieving this must be beyond your budgets and timelines. Not anymore.

With the uniquely efficient and powerful Teneo Platform from Artificial Solutions it is now possible to build genuinely humanlike intelligent and capable digital employees ultra rapidly and quickly, without having to become a linguistic boffin.

Teneo can help you regain proximity to your customers, and with it, significant market advantage. Closing this gap opens up huge opportunities for you.

Imaging if you actually knew what happened in every sales interaction or exactly how every customer service query was treated. That knowledge alone would be business transformative.

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