ŠKODA AUTO´s digital assistant Laura, converts leads into customers

Conversational AI, chatbots or digital assistants are frequently being used to enhance customer experience, but it can also be used as a sales tool to convert leads into customers. On the ŠKODA AUTO website, visitors are greeted by the digital assistant Laura, who caters for the different needs in the buying journey. Laura helps the potential customer to a suitable car model and books a test drive.

Conversational AI analytics

ŠKODA AUTO´s Laura brings valuable information about its customers. The product owner at ŠKODA AUTO, Michal Reichl said: “We essentially work with the data like in Google Analytics. Through the conversational data, we analyse where people cut their activity short or when they hesitate. We then analyse that data and try to improve Laura on that basis. Information about leads then goes to individual markets to dealers.

As Laura is built on the Conversational AI platform Teneo she could speak 86 languages. Today Laura speaks five languages and she is being used in the UK, Ireland, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Montenegro, New Zealand, and Ukraine.


Adding functionality made simple

Teaching Laura, Michal Reichl explained has two levels. “If we want Laura to be able to recommend car models, we need to develop a new backend and modify the frontend. But if we want her to be able to answer how much the ENYAQ iV costs, it can be easily taught. We always need to add at least fifteen versions of a given question and the correct answer to Teneo. Increasing the knowledge base is therefore a relatively simple intervention. Currently, Laura is able to answer up to 110 questions. In the future, we want to expand her knowledge, primarily in the sphere of e-mobility. Around fifteen thousand questions are asked by users about this hot topic every month,” adds Michal Reichl, in conclusion.

Joel Plazzotta. Director Strategic Partnerships at Artificial Solutions, joined the company in 2008 and has over 10 years of experience in AI.