Servicing the Millennial Generation

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It would be easy to think that longer call centre opening hours will solve some of your customer service issues, but you might be surprised to learn that there is one group of customers that won’t appreciate the gesture.

Micah Solomon raised an interesting point on his Forbes blog recently, millennials don’t want more of the same – they want a different approach to customer service. One that reflects the complexity of the interaction required and the device they are using, but above all they want it to be efficient.
This means they are looking for a hybrid of traditional and digital customer service. One that enables them to interact automatically with a company on a mobile device, but be able switch seamlessly to speak or chat with a trained advisor if that’s more appropriate.

The millennial generation will be a game changer for customer service and the potential impact can already be seen in the recent analysis of anonymized data collected from our natural language app. At 43% millennials are by far the largest age group that regularly use Artificial Solutions’ mobile personal assistant. They are also the generation where we see natural language being used for more than asking about the weather or how long the Golden Gate Bridge is.

This generation prefers to use voice to control apps on their phone and play music. Interestingly, they are also more likely to express their sentiment of the interaction – both negatively and positively, another indication of how much at ease they feel with communicating with a machine simply through using speech.

Mobile personal assistants are also perfectly suited to answering customer queries on several different levels. They can give an answer instantly, no more clicking through menus. They make form filling a breeze. They can personalize the interaction, delivering that all important personality and customer connection, which is sometimes lacking in automated services. And they can understand sentiment. If your customer is getting frustrated, the assistant can simply pass them onto a live agent, along with details of the current conversation.

Millennials want the best of both worlds. No human interaction when all it does is slow down the process, but a live advisor available when the situation warrants it. According to Fortune, “Over the next five years, the purchasing power of millennials is projected to increase 133% from $600 billion to $1.4 trillion.”

The question is – can your customer service deliver?

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