Providing Automated Online Customer Service is Imperative

The convergence of social, mobile, information and cloud, has the power to transform the online retail sector, as more power is placed in the hands of individual consumers and more consumers live their lives online, online customer service becomes imperative.

But how do you provide effective customer service in this environment where an explosion of channels create resourcing challenges and have significant implications in your cost overheads? Overlay this with the complexities of doing business in political and economic landscapes that shift as they cross the globe, and you have a real headache.

The great advantage of online retailing is that much of it can be automated. But until now, this has not really applied to customer service. Granted things have moved on from purely using the phone as a service channel, but channels such as livechat and email can still present e-tailers with a significant resourcing problem and the increasing use of social as a service channel is exacerbating situation.

Ultimately they all need live service agents to interact directly with the customer, which takes resources, can be slow to deliver a response and is inevitably expensive.

Think of the value of automating this service channel, both to you and your customers. And not just automating it, but doing so in multiple languages across multiple geographies, channels and platforms.

Furthermore, imagine being able to build a central expert knowledge base as a master structure that can be tweaked for the specific nuances of different geographies and regional policies. One that you only need to build once, and then easily deploy it in different circumstances.

An automated service that is intelligent – for example is able to query for more information if required, clarify a point or ask a question back to the customer to ensure the response is accurate, correct and consistent. A service that can divert on average 30% plus of all inbound queries – queries that would have otherwise hit a live agent – and that can now be handled automatically.

This is exactly what Artificial Solutions is delivering with its Teneo for Retail solution that uses the power of its award-winning Teneo NLI platform to deliver intelligent natural language capabilities for customer service. But it’s not just retailers that benefit.

Customers benefit by having the answer to their query straight away, anytime of the day. From real-time sales support such as providing color options to technical after sales support for complex issues, integrating intelligent automated self-service doesn’t just cut costs, it improves the customer experience and ultimately customer loyalty.

Speed is already cited as the driving force behind why customers choose the self-service checkout, the one click checkout on sites such as Amazon and contactless payments. Isn’t it about time you afforded your customers the same kind of intelligent automation with customer service?


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