Podcast: Conversational AI and QSR Customer Experiences

One of the most impactful technologies to emerge this decade for the QSR industry is Conversational AI. While, there are plenty of applications, we have only scratched the surface of its full potential. Upselling alone indicates significant numbers that haven’t gone ignored by the likes of McDonalds, and should get its competitors on high alert for their own Conversational AI Platform provider.

Since Artificial Solutions is currently collaborating with Acrelec to power the voice-powered ordering both inside restaurants and in drive-thrus, it was only natural to have our Sales Director, Peter Seltenright, sit down with Austin Curry, Product Manager for Acrelec and Host Daniel Litwin to discuss the future of self-ordering kiosks.

These self-powered experiences, including potential, conversational voice-powered ordering, are a critical component of powering up customer experiences – according to Tillster, 65% of customers would be more likely to visit a restaurant with self-order kiosks, and 30% said they’d prefer kiosks to cashiers if wait time isn’t a factor.

Unfortunately, according to Curry, “America is a little late on the adoption of the self-ordering kiosk. But there are just so many benefits to having the seamless integration of being able to walk into any restaurant that has a self-ordering kiosk. (You’re) able to not only simplify the stream of making your order, but (reducing) a lot of what we call ‘order anxiety.’”

Luckily, as Seltenright put it – “We’ve [Artificial Solutions] been around for over 15 years doing some sort of work within conversational AI, and we’ve seen the industry change quite a bit. … What we’re focused on is really true, conversational AI. Speaking like a human, understanding the memory and context of the conversation, not making people restate what they’re trying to do – just making it very natural.”

Overall, “Conversational AI is definitely becoming a very large part of our daily lives,” as stated by Curry talking about QSR Customer Experiences.

Listen to the podcast as Artificial Solutions and Acrelec dive into the benefits of voice-powered ordering for quick-service and fast casual restaurants (QSR), the challenges on the journey to seamless integration, factors that affect customer experience, such as tone, sentiment and language, and QSR response to this rapidly approaching technology. 

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Conversational AI and QSR Customer Experiences

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