The future of Conversational AI in new Podcast

Per Ottosson shares thoughts on CAI Podcast

Per Ottosson, the CEO of Artificial Solutions, had the opportunity to share his experiences and insights on the Conversational AI space and provide his vision into how Artificial Solutions is moving in a new direction in the market in this recent podcast at

In this episode, Per touches on key elements of the Conversational AI market and the importance of providing and embracing the developer ethos rather than black-box solutions.

By delving into use-cases, the discussion also explores Artificial Solutions’ focus on its partnership with Microsoft and its integration between the Teneo Engine and the LUIS NLU – LUIS^Teneo.

This podcast is a valuable way to learn more about the evolution of the industry, including the changes that are set to arise in the upcoming and the place Artificial Solutions seeks to hold as a leader in the market.

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