Nora At Chess Communication Was Launched This Week (Norway)!

On Wednesday 28th of January, 2009 Nora had her first day at work as a virtual agent for the Customer Support at Chess Communication AS (

The Knowledge Base of Nora is fully in line with the new quality standards and includes the first version of Norwegian s-sized library, and she also passed a tough Cantoche integration test.

Nora is well trained in the most frequent questions currently posed to Chess’ Customer Service such as Technical support, Subscriptions and Invoices. She is very good at relating questions and due to a special Safty Net there should not be one product or service she does not recognize. However, she knows her limits when it comes to specific answers, complaints and sale and she is happy to hand over to her colleagues at Chat.

Her answer is clear and direct, but feel free to test how lucky you are asking her: Do you like me?

Nora also understands some Polish and Sami language, but nevertheless, the Norwegian speaker is the one who will get the most of out of her…

You can visit Nora here:

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