NLI Takes the Guesswork Out of Improving Customer Experience

Discover the current use of voice assistants by consumers and the implications and likely changes in the near future.

It’s difficult to predict what a customer might be looking for next week, let alone next month. Seasonal factors might give some indication, however few people have ever become rich by second-guessing what a customer might want. But what if you weren’t guessing? What if you actually knew, with hard data directly from your customers to back it up?

There are several reasons why currently most firms are in this predicament. The data they’re studying is several weeks or months out of date. It’s unstructured content, such as live chat or social media and the organization doesn’t have the capability to analyze it. There is no integration between the different channels that customers communicate by, so correlating a conversation that moved from Twitter to email becomes an impossible task.

One company that hopes to resolve this problem in the near future is Widiba, the new online bank from Italian financial service provider Gruppo Montepaschi. In an interview recently with Azienda Banca magazine, Fabio Ferri of Widiba explains how its CRM system, which integrates all communication channels, is changing the way information is used within the organization.

He describes how Widdy, a Teneo Digital Employee, is already the preferred choice for over 25% of requests for assistance and how these interactions are used to deliver a more personalized service to the customer.

Widdy, is a highly intelligent NLI(natural language interaction) assistant that is able to not only answer customer queries on a wide range of banking issues, but is also able to assist clients on the actual processes of the Widiba site. For example, Widdy takes the user through all the stages of opening a new account. Should the user suspend this activity and return to it later, Widdy can recognize what steps have already been completed to enable the account to be finalized without wasting time.

If the request is very complex then Widdy has the ability to pass the customer to a live chat agent or arrange a call back. Data from all interactions across the different channels that Widiba use to communicate with its customers go to its central CRM system. In the future this information will be used to proactively suggest products and services to customers based on their past behavior.

NLI helps organizations identify trends in unstructured data taken from various feeds such as chat logs, email and social media. This allows enterprises to analyze information in real time and make strategic business decisions based on current information given directly by the customer themselves, in their own words.

It also provides the ability for automated rules to be introduced either to offer compatible products and services or to discover more information about individual customers. This is a concept that Kabel Deutschland uses when instructing its digital employee to ask specific questions such as favorite TV genre if the opportunity arises.

Real-time analysis of conversations throughout an organization’s communication channels has the power to revolutionize the way businesses develop products, including its ability to offer them at just the right moment to individual customers. When you have that knowledge, enhancing the customer experience isn’t guess work, it’s just common sense.

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