Why Analyzing Natural Language Data is Essential?


Artificial Solutions™, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, humanlike interaction with technology, announced today that Andy Peart will be advising attendees to Conversational Interaction conference why the voice of their customers is the most important data they will ever analyze.

“Research shows that 90% of business decisions are made on hunches and assumptions, even though companies that determine their fate based on data are twice as likely to flourish,” says Andy Peart, CMSO of Artificial Solutions. “But the problem goes deeper. Most businesses are failing to acquire the very data that will transform their bottom line in the first place – the singular voice of their customer.”

At the San Jose based conference, Andy Peart will look at the four “A”s in the data cycle: Acquire, Amalgamate, Analyze and Act. He’ll discuss why customer conversations with intelligent interfaces are so important, how other data already captured can be used to deliver a holistic view, and suggest how conversational data generated from NLI based apps can be used for competitive advantage.

The Conversational Interaction Conference brings together key industry figures to discuss how companies and application developers can take advantage of natural language—including resources for creating bots and digital assistants, delivering a conversational aspect within customer service operations, best practices, examples of deployed solutions, and other commercial opportunities generated by the rise of natural language.

The conference runs from the 30-31 January 2017. Andy Peart is speaking as a part of the Analytics: Understanding and categorizing user behavior session taking place on the 31 January at 11.00 am.

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