Multinational investment bank selects Teneo for Conversational AI

Multinational investment bank and financial services company selects Artificial Solutions’ Teneo Platform for Conversational AI

The global firm providing financial services in over 50 countries has selected Artificial Solutions’ Teneo Platform to continue enabling its asset management business through deployment of a virtual assistant (VA). The virtual assistant is built using Artificial Solutions´ Teneo and has reduced average execution times by 86%.

Thanks to Teneo’s powerful, flexible, and secure capabilities, the VA guides employees through report fields, asking for clarification or information if data is missing, and then saves the collected data in the data center, providing a high-quality user experience in completing tasks.

The VA gives senior executives full visibility over the reporting process, the collection and storage of data, and guarantees the execution of these processes is in compliance with the highest security standards. Teneo is designed to work in any configuration, providing the flexibility needed to ensure data security.

Teneo is the first conversational AI platform to provide strong data-control capabilities, including advanced anonymization and pseudonymisation, to help clients meet compliance with data privacy regulations such as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
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Marie Angselius-Schönbeck, Chief Impact Officer

About Artificial Solutions

Artificial Solutions® (SSME:ASAI) is an industry-leading specialist in Conversational AI that provides the mature pro-code low-code and no-code SaaS platform Teneo.  Teneo´s capabilities run across 86 languages and dialects, multiple platforms and channels with measurable ROI and improved customer experiences. Business users and developers create scalable, effective, customer oriented virtual assistants, conversational bots, speech-based conversational UIs for contact centers, customer support, smart devices and more.

Our work has been trusted by hundreds of enterprises and some of the largest technology enterprise organizations on the planet, including Amazon, Apple, Baidu, Google, Microsoft, Nuance, and IBM all have made forward citations of our pioneering patents, confirming our position as a leading innovator in the Conversational AI space.

Teneo hosts millions of user interactions across hundreds of private and public sector deployments on a daily basis worldwide, and many enterprises leverage on our close partnership with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services.

The ability to analyze and measure large quantities of conversational data is fully integrated within Teneo, delivering insightful business and user data.

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