Retailer Implements Virtual Assistant for Enhanced Sales Service

An intelligent virtual assistance that converses in over 20 languages offering sales advice and after sales service.

The latest version of Teneo Virtual Assistant is enabling a major global retailer to cross sell throughout its website, deliver an enhanced after-sales service support and pave the way for in-house development in the future.

Implemented in over 20 languages, the virtual assistant features Artificial Solutions’ latest dynamic interface that allows customers to find the products they are looking for easily by providing an extended product view in the search results and advises them on other choices available such as color or size. In addition, the virtual assistant can recommend other complementary items or make suggestions of alternative products that are of a similar specification. Should customers require help after their purchase such as a query over delivery dates or care instructions for an item, they can simply go online to the virtual assistant on the retailer’s website and ask in their own words for help.

“Whether buying online or making a purchase in store, customers expect to be able to interactively research online beforehand and to have full support available afterwards,” says Andy Peart, CMO of Artificial Solutions. “But with many retailers carrying thousands of product lines it isn’t always that simple. By integrating into the retailer’s product database, the Teneo Virtual Assistant knows almost more than they do about the items available.”

Equipped with the intelligence to learn, reason and understand, and then apply this knowledge to real customer interactions, a Teneo Virtual Assistant can resolve queries, answer questions, provide links to information or resources, log issues, book service calls, even complete transactions through back-end or e-commerce systems, and update databases – all at the same time.

Using Teneo Studio, an advanced software tool that enables business users to create their own intelligent natural language solutions in record time, the retailer is also enabling itself to maintain its virtual assistant going forward. Not only is this more cost efficient, but it also enables the retailer to react to country specific updates much faster.

Teneo Studio allows business users to work with complex dialog flows and structures, in a graphical, easy to understand flowchart format and ensures that changes, updates and enhancements can be made as frequently as needed. Multiple users can work on the same projects through powerful access rights and workflows, whilst master-branch structures allow projects to be deployed and managed on a global scale in many different geographies and languages.

“Empowering organizations to maintain their own virtual assistant allows for its knowledge to be updated as regularly as required without having to schedule time with third party contractors,” continues Peart. “This in turn enables the retailer to always offer its customers the very latest information and react quickly when the new questions are suddenly asked of the virtual assistant, such as enquiries about products on a new TV advert.”

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