The origins story of a Developer Advocate…

linette manuel

‘Hey, it’s your Tech-Buddy Linette’ (my opening line is a work in progress…),  

Regardless, this is something you’ll be hearing a lot from now on because, yes! I have joined Artificial Solutions as its new Developer Advocate.

Ok great, but why is that important? And what is a Developer Advocate anyway? 

Well, I’d love to tell you, and give a quick intro to who I am. 

Growing up, I was fortunate to be guided by parents who had a progressive attitude towards technology. 

So, as a ten-year-old kiddo exploring the world, I was taught about the limitless potential of the internet, the beauty of video games, and the endless possibilities that existed within a magical little box called a computer.

As a result, I’ve worked hard to discover and explore the most exciting technologies emerging around the world, while also collaborating with the most inspiring innovators I could find.

Naturally, my thirst for game-changing tech brought me to the doorstep of AI five years ago, and I have been totally captivated by its development, especially Conversational AI, since entering the industry.

So far, I’ve sailed my way through IBM and a few successful startups, with roles that were always connected to Conversational AI. So, when I was introduced to a company that had been laser focused on building industry-leading tech for 20 years, I didn’t hesitate to jump on board with Artificial Solutions.  

Next question, What does a Developer Advocate do?

First, let’s have a look at the etymology of the word advocate.

The term originally comes from Latin, meaning: “One called to aid & to plead in favor of another”.

That’s what I am here for. To help you and other Conversational Designers and Developers make the most of this incredible technology, while making sure your journey with our platform Teneo, is a great experience.

I’m also here to welcome newbies on board and to educate the wider industry on the latest developments across our tech ecosystem.

But most of all, I want us to have fun! So, be ready for various creative & coding challenges as well as new and exciting opportunities to learn about bot applications.

I am already working on a concept of a 30-Day Challenge with Teneo. So, for those curious and up for any challenge, connect with me here to follow along! 

Lastly, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’m here to represent your interests, put forward your ideas and give you access to the most innovative technology within the CAI sector, so take advantage of it!

I look forward to speaking with you soon, Linette.