Launch of Integrated VDA, Emma at the European Consumer Centre Denmark

The virtual dialogue agent Emma has now been integrated into the Forbruger Europa web site. This makes Emma the first of our live assistants to use our newly developed Dynamic Content Support technology. Dynamic Content Support eliminates the need for reloading the page for each answer since the answer text and graphics are dynamically updated using AJAX technology. A modular architecture makes it possible to extend the capabilities of the VDA by adding new modules. Emma uses a general history addon module which enables the user to go back in the dialogue to a previous answer and a swf addon, which enables having flash avatars.

European Consumer Centre Denmark is financed by the EU Commission and the Danish Consumer Agency. They help consumers which are trading across borders within the EU with advice before purchasing products and services or if problems arise after a purchase. They also inform about consumer rights and obligations. Emma will answer questions about shopping in the European Union, internet shopping, flights, consumer complaints and holiday clubs.

You can visit Emma here:

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