Internet of Things, Big Data, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language… So What?

Discover how a conversational AI platform can help improve customer engagement and deliver a vital competitive edge.

This week, Artificial Solutions attended an innovation event organized in Barcelona by Co-Society that was around Artificial Intelligence. Our Head of Field Marketing EMEA, Josep Tarbal, reviewed it on LinkedIn:

“It was a great opportunity to learn more about all the buzzwords that appear constantly in the media. But, the best part was being able to see real use cases and examples of the application of all these new technologies that sometimes sound abstract or still far from everyday usage.

Marc Pous presented the platform they developed to manage multiple devices connected to what we know as the Internet of Things. Among the use cases he presented, the one that was the most interesting for me was related to food transportation. Having many sensors in food packages and trucks allows monitoring a fleet in real-time and anticipating any issue in the cold chain. This reduces the risk of food contamination and thus protects people!

Javier de la Ossa explained in detail how a machine learning algorithm they developed increases the recycling performance of a waste treatment plant and a system that “learns by doing”. Their algorithm together with cameras and robots increases the efficiency of separating specific materials during the recycling process compared to traditional methods. This will help us have a greener world!

Dario Garcia talked about his postdoctoral research and how neural networks and deep learning algorithms have beaten the human eye in image recognition. These algorithms can do such spectacular things such as identifying objects and animals in pictures, describing an image in words or even put color on black and white images. He also explained how deep learning algorithms allow machines to read lips with better results than people. The application of this will be very beneficial for handicapped people!

My colleague Joaquim Bargalló explained how the combination of some of the abovementioned AI concepts allows the building of natural language applications in which humans can have conversations with machines. We’ve seen this already with Siri and Amazon Echo, but this is just the beginning. Artificial Solutions’ platform allows this technology to be used in business applications and its Big Data analytics provides very valuable insights on the topics customers are interested in, which is key for understanding what consumers need. This will allow people to have a better experience with technology and enable businesses to deliver the products and services their customers want!

The reality is that Artificial Intelligence is here and the race for businesses to differentiate themselves has already started. The question is not when will this happen, but who will benefit of this. Regardless of the companies that go for it, the best thing is that AI applications will hopefully make a better world for all us! Don’t you think?”


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Josep is part of the Artificial Solutions Marketing Team and his role is designing and implementing campaigns to help specific sales regions in EMEA.

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