Intern Diary: You’ve Got Mail!

intern diary week 20

Happy Monday! And happy July! This going to be a big month, as I start if off by graduating in a couple of days! I finally got all my grades in, my dissertation went great, and everything is set for me to graduate with no problems! My family is also flying to Barcelona to come to see me graduate, which is very, very exciting! They’re actually set to land pretty soon!

Full Inbox

This week has also been very hectic at work, given that I have sort of taken over some of the duties of CRM Specialist while we found someone that could take over the job. And I happened to take over on a particularly busy week, as we are gearing up for our webinar alongside Sarah Rojewski, the Manager of AI and Automation for Telefónica Germany, on the implementation of its Conversational IVR solution and give insights into that project.

July 6th, 15:00 CET

Webinar Artificial Solutions and Telefónica Germany on Conversational IVR

Telefónica’s Journey into building effective Conversational IVR Solutions 

The webinar has become a priority for the entire team this week, with most of our content being dedicated to promoting this big event. I have worked on various email campaigns, sending out the invite to people who would be interested given their field of work and industry. We have also sent out the newsletter this week, which became my responsibility to set-up and send out, and that also included an invitation to the webinar, alongside other important events that are happening within the company, such as this week’s Office Hours and an important partnership announcement!

Sarah also took the time to share her story with us, talking about the path she took in order to get to the position she is at now within Telefónica Germany, and gave advice to women on how to grow within the Technological and AI fields, especially with a different background other than STEM.

She noted the obstacles that she faced as a woman in conferences that had a male majority when she had a young age and mentioned that even though she climbed up to a leadership position within the company in a short amount of time, she had to create an environment where she felt comfortable as was able to thrive. Sarah also highlights the importance of taking advantage of random opportunities that happen and chances that are given to you, and how that has helped her rise up to challenging occasions and prove herself as a leader within her organization.

The full interview, as part of the AI Allies initiative, will be released on Friday July 8th, so you can definitely look forward to reading that soon!