Intern Diary: Introducing AiAllies

Happy Monday! It is Andrea, the Artificial Solutions Marketing intern, reporting back after a busy, busy week!

Last week, the team was preparing for the upcoming webinar that we had in partnership with CGI and making sure that the word got out in an email campaign.

It has already happened (wow I can’t believe you missed it, that’s so sad), but if you want to catch the replay, you can check it out here!  

The past week was also very big in the team, because we started the #AiAllies initiative, where in celebration of International Women’s Day, we started to showcase different women in the company and industry with a daily blog post dedicated to them telling their story as women part of the tech industry.

The series starts here, with an interview with Maddalena Molteni, Head of Product, and has continued for every day of the past week with conversations with wonderful women! Make sure to check back in frequently, to see what is being shared under the #AiAllies tag!

It’s my first-time being part of a company during IWD, and I certainly didn’t have many expectations really, given that most of the places my friends have worked at have not done anything really special, with one of them even saying that her workplace didn’t really want to mess with the set social media rollout for that day, so they just made a mere post almost a week beforehand and called it a day. I’m comforted by the fact that Artificial Solutions is taking the time to be able to broadcast the women that make up such an important part of their company. I think I’m also very lucky to be part of a team that has so many women in it, when I first started applying to jobs in the sector I was a little bit intimidated by the idea of entering a field that has the fame of being notoriously male-dominated, and I didn’t really want to be part of a team that was mostly made up with men, with the younger intern being the only woman.

Being part of a marketing team that is 80% women was definitely not something that I expected coming into it, but it has definitely changed my idea of what being part of tech looks like, all with incredibly interesting stories on how they have entered the field, how they have seen it change over the years, and what they’re doing to change it for the better.

It has been interesting to learn over the course of the interviews from the past week that many of the women in our company come from a distinctly different background than tech, mostly because due to the nature of the technology that we create the company requires a lot of people with a linguistics background.  

I never really saw myself in the tech space growing up, and while I’ve always had incredible women that have inspired my and guided me through my life, I’ve heard all kinds of horror stories on how they have been treated, and that always made me a bit fearful of what it would be like to enter a male-dominated space. But I’m truly grateful I’ve been able to meet such wonderful women in the industry that have worked tirelessly to be able to teach me and guide me through this new stage of my life.

To all the women in my life, thank you!