Intern Diary: Learning all about CRM

Hello! It’s the Artificial Solution’s marketing intern Andrea reporting back for another week at the office!

Last week I reported on the introduction of a cute notebook in my life. In this one I can happily say that this diary entry is being typed on a new (yes! brand new!) laptop! After a bit of issues with the colors showing on it, it is now ready to be used and abused (that was a joke, I pinky promise I will take good care of her) by me.

Thank you, William and David of IT, for your help in putting the computer in weird settings so that the purple shows purple instead of a weird blue. The laptop also has a really cute case with a velvety inside, I now spend most of my days stroking the inside of a laptop pouch.

In other important events of the past couple of days, the team has been busy as MWC 2022 has been going on, and the marketing and sales teams were working hard on promoting our platform and building awareness of what makes Teneo the right choice for building their chatbot.

On Wednesday, we got to have an in-person marketing meeting at the office for the first time in a month, and it was very nice to be able to meet with the team again. We set important KPIs for the rest of the quarter and the rest of the year, and I think it’s good to be aware of what we are working towards and how to focus our efforts, and make sure we celebrate the smaller victories while moving towards the bigger goals!  

The meeting was followed by a videoconference about my (insert ominous music) dissertation, which I’m still unsure on what it will be about, so stay tuned in the upcoming weeks where I will probably have an inevitable breakdown on that. Before that I will have a breakdown about finals. I’m basically just giving you a rundown of my emotional state over the next month.

I spent the rest of Wednesday afternoon with Monica, CRM Specialist, working on trying to set up our new work laptops (we had to log back in to all programs, it was a very lengthy process), getting yummy lunch, and creating the next email campaign on Marketo, which is working on promoting the upcoming webinar that’s happening March 14th.

Wait, now that I think about it, this is a good place to plug it! If you are interested in knowing how the future of contact centers is looking, and how conversational AI can help with the change in consumer demand due to the pandemic, you can check it out here!

I hope everybody has wonderful, sunny moments in what is looking to be a pretty rainy and cloudy week!