Intern Diary: A Welcome Break and A Mini Dachshund

Happy Tuesday! Today the week begins a bit later than usual, due to the Easter break. I know you were all waiting for my Intern Diary post on the regular Monday at the edge of your seats, so worry not, because Artificial Solution’s resident marketing intern is back for another week! And this one is exciting because this entry marks the beginning of the double-digit entries, as I’ve officially been posting these for 10 weeks!

I hope everyone had a wonderful break, if they had the chance to have one, or just a good regular week, if it was your case! I got to recharge batteries a bit after the turbulent time that always comes with the end of term and with exams. Those weeks always manage to fully drain me of my energy and leave me a bit zombie-ish. So, honestly, I was just grateful to get a couple of days to hibernate and start feeling like a fully functioning human being again.

I’m also happy to say that I have received the grades for my finals, and I have happily passed all classes with better-than-expected grades! I thought that my modern statistical computing class would be the end of me, but now I have officially no classes left to take this trimester, only my dissertation! A freakout on that is still pending, I’m avoiding thinking about it too hard just yet!

Today was great when I walked into the office because I was immediately greeted by Maya, the mini dachshund that became part of the Artificial Solutions team two weeks ago! I mean I greeted Maya who in turn barked at me (it might have broken my heart, but I am strong enough to get through these tough times). We are still working on our working relationship, but I want her to know that I would die for her, no questions asked.

Marina should really start checking bags when we leave the office because one day Maya might accidentally slip into mine and end up in my home (again, by accident).

Like, look at her.

Since this week was significantly shorter than most and with a lot of the team on holiday for most of it, there are a lot less events to report than usual. I spent the first half of the week planning, creating the images, and drafting up the copy for the social media posts across all of our accounts for the next couple of weeks, so that took a big chunk of my time.

We have also been working hard on auditing the company’s database, and checking the state of our leads, all to clean up information that is unnecessarily taking up space and energy, while trying to better understand the demographics of those that we have information on.

I spent most of my Thursday looking through the content that is on our website, while trying to sort it into different industries, so that it is easier to navigate. In case you have never had a look through all of it, there is a lot of content on our site (many, many years of posts). Not just the Intern Diary entries that I put up every week, no, but blog posts that date back to 2012.

I hope everyone gets to also have a couple of moments of mindfulness and rest in the upcoming days if they didn’t get to have them before, and that this week treats you gently.