Intern Diary: Road Rage and a Change of Pace

Happy Monday! And happy last week of April!

This end of the month is set out to be an exciting one, on a personal note I’m starting driving lessons (so, everyone, try to stay off the streets as much as possible, because these upcoming weeks are looking a bit iffy on road safety). I’m kidding, my approach to driving could be best described as the opposite of whatever was happening in Fast and Furious, ‘Slow and Highly Concerned for Road Safety’, would be fairly accurate, actually.

On the work front, we’re having the company-wide annual meet-up here in Barcelona on Thursday, which I’m pretty excited about. It will be my first proper company party since I became an intern, and I will finally get to meet a lot of people face-to-face and see the whole marketing team together again!

I think this time around will be a lot different than the first one, if you recall my first intern diary, the big sales and marketing team meetings happened to coincide with my first weeks at Artificial Solutions. It was a very intimidating and kind of overwhelming beginning to my internship, with a lot of new faces at once and sitting-in on conversations that I wasn’t 100% sure what they were about. I’m more comfortable walking into the meetings this week, with a more established role within the company, and also with a greater understanding of what all the acronyms stand for.

This week we’re also starting out with a new method of organization within the marketing team, with us adopting a more “agile” organizational method. This means that we will meet more often with a focus on less tasks to improve our productivity. I was a bit surprised when I learned this new approach, but it makes sense, if we spread the team out too thin it will mean that we aren’t effectively moving through tasks.

It’s a slightly different approach from what we were doing before, with a maximum amount of tasks we have per week, and more strict due dates after a “crunch”. We’re also working with very specific tasks on our Trello organizational board, which I enjoy because I’m a huge fan of to-do lists and set plans, due to my tendency to forget things if I haven’t written them down on my schedule.

I’ve always been a to-do list sort of person, especially when lots of due dates are upon me, and I always like to plan my days with the most detail possible and down to the minute, to get the most productivity out of them. So, I hope this method of organizing the team meshes well with the method that I’ve been using throughout my academic career and since the beginning of being an intern.

I hope everyone had a nice Sant Jordi, even with the pretty dreary weather that we had! And remember to try and support local bookshops that were most likely not able to reach their expected sales on Saturday!