Intern Diary: My introduction to Artificial Solutions

Hello! I’m Andrea, and I’m the brand-new marketing intern here at Artificial Solutions, the company which develops Teneo, an innovative Conversational AI SaaS platform.

This is my first diary-entry, in what will be a weekly series, documenting my progress as a Marketing Intern and I hope it can help to provide insight and help for those also looking to enter the tech-industry!

A brief introduction…

Answering the question of where I’m from is always a hard one. I was born in Venezuela, but I grew up in Costa Rica, after moving there when I was nine, due to the circumstances that the country finds itself in. Then, I moved to Barcelona when I was 18, coming here to get my university education at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, where I study International Business Economics.  

I am now in my fourth year, and about to finish up my degree, which allows me the opportunity to start an internship alongside my studies. There were many subjects which I enjoyed while I was studying (and some which I frankly despised and never want to think of ever again), but the courses which seemed to spark the most interest were my marketing courses, which why I decided to look for an internship in this field. I hoped that I would find a team where I would get to explore the different aspects of marketing and find what areas of it I enjoy the most.  

An Unexpected Industry…

When looking at the different internships that were offered, Artificial Solutions quickly caught my eye. Mostly because while I was doing my Erasmus last semester, I took a course called Internet & Society (mostly because it seemed like a cool course, but also because it coincidentally happened to have no final exam), where I learned about the past and future of technological advances and their influence on modern society, and it did end up being an interesting class where we studied AI and its impact.

During this time, I also made a lot of friends that had either worked for or would work in the tech industry and that world started being interesting to me, especially compared to more traditional industries and sectors. 


I never expected to end up working at a tech company, just from the fact that technology has never been my strong suit. I was part of the robotics club when I was in high school, but my robot never managed to complete the set tasks that were asked of us, no matter how many hours I put into it or how ridiculously easy the task was.  

But here I am, having just been through my first week of working here, and I can happily say that I’ve survived.  

My First Days… 

When I walked into the office that first day, I was a little bit (a lot) terrified. My main concern at the time was the dress code. Which now feels like a pretty ridiculous thing to be so concerned about.     

Throughout these first couple of days, I have been trying to get my bearings on what the company’s purpose is, on the technical terms that are used, and on performing smaller tasks to get acquainted with my job. George Brown, the Head of Content, has been guiding me through most of my initiation into the role and has been the one that’s responsible for giving me my weekly tasks.  

I started out my week by reading earlier blog posts and improving different aspects of the format for SEO, which is one of the tasks that I will be carrying on further in the next couple of weeks.  

On Thursday that week I met the rest of the marketing team, Marie Angselius Schönbeck, Chief Communication & Impact Officer, Yoleidy Carvajal, Head of Partner Marketing and Monica Kutrowski, Digital Marketer.

It happened during an online meeting where I introduced myself with a little presentation about me and my life so far (I guess kind of what I’m doing now), and they got to introduce themselves, as well. 

The next couple of workdays were a lot more intense, and I had a lot of catching up to do, just to understand what the conversations around me were about.  

Into the Deep End… 

On Monday, we had our quarterly marketing team meeting, where everybody shared their plans and what their vision is for what our strategy should be. This meeting was in person, so I was finally able to share with the entire team.

It was insightful to be able to finally be part of a proper company meeting and see what ideas the team had. There were also a lot of acronyms that I had never heard before in my life thrown around (thank you Monica for all your help). 

After the meeting we had a team excursion to Primark (?), which I never expected when I signed on to the job but was an extremely pleasant surprise. I love mindlessly browsing stores and convincing people to buy the cute items they maybe shouldn’t buy but will bring them happiness in the long run.  

Following that we went to dinner, as the marketing team, some members of the sales team, and the CEO. When I went into it, I didn’t expect to be seated between Per Ottosson, Chief Executive Officer, and Nicolas Köllerstedt, Chief Revenue Officer, but I can honestly say I had a fun time. The people were great, and I’m happy that I got to know some of my co-workers a little bit better.  

The rest of the week has been more relaxed, I’ve been working from home on the SEO of the blog pages and helping design different promotional material for Mobile World Congress (which I’m insanely excited to be able to be a part of, since it has been such a big part of the city, and it finally gets to happen again).  

I’m creating this intern diary to keep a record of my experiences in the company, and to be able to look back on it and track my own progress and interests, but also to help any other future intern that is also as terrified on their first day. It’s kind of like a survival guide, with a significantly less dramatic name.     

I hope you join me on this ride over the next 800 hours of my life, into the world of a large tech start-up and being an intern at Artificial Solutions.  

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