Intern Diary: Taking time off and dealing with health

Happy Monday! I’m back today with my fifteenth (!!!) Intern Diary entry, which honestly feels like a nice milestone to hit here at Artificial Solutions.

This past week has been a bit of a rollercoaster for me, and not in the most fun way honestly, with a couple more downturns than I would’ve liked.  

I returned to work on Tuesday after a bit of a weekend getaway. I got a tiny bit tanned (you must take into account that I am constantly the frontrunner in the “Palest Person in the Room” category no matter what room I walk into) and officially decided that it was summer after I had to apply great amounts of sunscreen to prevent any kind of permanent damage to be done to my skin and health.

Image of the sea views on my weekend getaway

Look at some of the pretty views! It might’ve been the last hike that I did with my 10 year-old tennis shoes but it was definitely worth it!

I got back in ready to get fully into my long list of tasks (a bit sore from the walking, but ready to get back into moving cards down the Trello board), excited to take on a couple of exciting new projects and help out with work from different team members to help complete some bigger projects!

The universe, however, had other plans.

My tooth started to ache.

And listen, I understand that it’s not the worst thing to happen on Earth, not by a long shot. But I had never really had a toothache before, and when the pain started settling in on Tuesday afternoon, I didn’t think much of it. Because I’m naïve like that. I thought it would sort of go away on its own (spoiler alert: it didn’t).

I woke up on Wednesday and it was kind of unbearable.

I was able to work on some of the smaller projects, like help out Monica with mapping out industry properties to clean out our database segmentation and start out in updating articles on the site that have important information that might be a bit out of date or linking to sites which no longer exist, but my productivity didn’t last very long, with the pain being distracting and inducing this weird headache that somehow made reading an overwhelming task.

Thankfully, I was able to visit the dentist on Thursday, and with a little bit (namely: a lot of) poking and prodding and a visit to the whirling x-ray machine, it became official. My wisdom tooth was coming in.

Which didn’t really have a solution outside of (cue dramatic music) surgery, which I can’t get until I come back from going back home, so I would just have to power through with painkillers until I get back, and if necessary, take them out then.

Because apparently something about the tooth touching some other tooth’s nerve, and it being a more complex surgery meant that I couldn’t have it done by a regular dentist, but a surgeon dentist with a very complex name that I can’t remember right now.

I wasn’t really a person for most of Thursday after the dentist visit, I was in a lot of pain following visit because of all the poking around, and the painkillers left me pretty sleepy, which was a sub-optimal condition to work in, and I was probably writing things that made no sense.

Thankfully the team was pretty understanding and pushed back due dates from Thursday to today, so that I could work through them with more time, given my slow pace for the week.

The painkillers magically started working on Friday, and I was able to finally get some tasks done, a little bit sleepy still, but way less of a zombie than how I started out on Tuesday afternoon. I was finally able to get a start on creating a new Google Ads campaign, both in designing the ads and writing the copy, while also creating the landing pages for the ads on the website, which I am thrilled to take on as a personal project within the team.

Today, I can happily say that most of the pain has gone away, so I will hopefully not have the toothache be an issue on the 11 hour flight that I’m about to embark on, which I’m already pretty not-excited about as I just dislike being on an airplane already.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and sunny week, and remember to apply sunscreen, even if you think you might not need to!