Intern Diary: Sunshine and Emails

Happy Monday! I’m writing this week’s Intern Dairy from sunny Barcelona, where it is finally looking like spring weather is going to beat out the winter cold that has been persisting for way too long. I’ve been enjoying being able to photosynthesize a bit in the sun again these past few days, as it feels like it’s been forever since I’ve been warm.

On some bad news, I lost my new ring to the crack between the elevator and an abyss, so I guess I’m never seeing it again, but to emotionally recover from that I got new cool pants that I’ve been eyeing for a bit so I’m hoping it might balance out the pain of losing the ring.

This past week I’ve been working closely with Monica, CRM specialist, exploring the more technical side of marketing.

After the QBR (which I just learned means Quarterly Business Review, after attending two of them, but remember, the Intern Diary is a judgement-free zone), I got to create and automate this week’s newsletters with her help, going from designing the email, brainstorming subject lines, and setting up the automation flow to send it out to everybody that has subscribed.

This came with the usual frustrations, I believe, when the program that we need to run reports has been down for a couple of days and has set us behind on a couple of our tasks, and I can’t fully know the performance of the newsletter or create a summary of results. I’ve sent two emails wondering what’s up, but honestly, I can slowly feel the spirit of “I want to speak to the manager” entering my body by every passing second I don’t get a response and I can’t move the card with the task on Trello to the “In Progress” category.  

We’ve also been hard at work studying the health of the database of the contacts that we have. We have sent emails to check how many people regularly open the emails, and if they haven’t, we might delete them from the database (that way we don’t bother people who aren’t interested in the fun stuff we deliver to their inbox).

However, we still can’t know the results because the program still isn’t working (it hasn’t changed in the like five minutes it’s taken me to write this paragraph), and while I’m a bit frustrated (listen, are three emails too many emails? I’ve been nice before, but what if I use strong words like disappointed or frustrated or responsibility?), we’re already planning our next steps, and also taking measures to ensure that our emails are delivered and received.

It’s been a busy week, not just with intern work but also turning in the first draft of my dissertation, which I’m very nervous to read the feedback for, but we’ll see what my tutor thinks in the upcoming days!

I hope everyone has a lovely week! And that hopefully you also get to soak up a bit of the sun that’s starting to brighten up the sky!