Intern Diary: Spring-Summer Party!

Happy Monday! And I’m very happy to welcome the first week of May! Last week was incredibly hectic and fun, and I’m excited to tell you all about it! (This Intern Diary entry is a bit longer than usual, I think, but it was just a very fun couple of days so you’re forced to read all about them!)

The first couple of days were a bit crazy because the entire team knew that for the rest of the week, we wouldn’t be able to deliver at the same productivity level due to all the meetings and activities we had scheduled. So, we were rushing a bit to get all the work done, especially given that the end of the month was coming up and that meant getting newsletters and press releases ready.

This wasn’t my first QBR, my first QBR happened during my first week here at Artificial Solutions, but I believe I currently have a way greater understanding of what the company actually does, and this time around I could definitely follow conversations a bit better than last time. I actually think I know what Conversational AI is now, which is honestly I huge step forward from where I started all the way back in February!

This QBR was also a bit more special than the one before, because it came hand-in-hand with the Spring-Summer Party that the company has every year, and this meant that most of the team from around the world would be making their way over from different parts of the world to meet-up, catch-up, and have a good time!

The quarterly meetings started on Wednesday, where the marketing team first met up at the office to have meetings on upcoming events and on the changes that are coming for the website, which will be coming soon.

Thursday started bright and early at the meeting room in the hotel, where we had a workshop led by Marina, on Account-Based Marketing and how we can start using it to our advantage, followed by group discussions on the different accounts that the sales team has that can benefit from an ABM campaign.

After wrapping up the workshop, we went out for lunch and came back for a company-wide event, where we caught up on how the company is doing and had a brainstorming session on how the golden circle theory applies to our company and also how to update and improve our current set of values. This was all done in the format of a Kahoot, which was very much reminiscent of my high school days, and I can confess that I had actually missed listening to the Kahoot theme song while feeling the stress of having to get the answer in before the time runs out. I have found a Spotify playlist which contains all of the lobby music from the game (this is a safe space and therefore you cannot judge me for it, thanks).

At the end, we got divided up in teams to fulfill a scavenger hunt all around the area, competing with each other, while meeting people from different departments!

An enemy team plotting our demise in Plaça Sant Felip Neri (Thanks Monica for the photo!)

The activity had us rushing around the greater part of Born and Gòtic, doing highly questionable things, some of which included me being attacked by pigeons in the middle of Plaça Catalunya (literally my worst nightmare), chugging beers in La Boqueria where Andreas Wieweg, CTO, showed off his hidden talent (as a non-beer drinker I confess I did fail miserably to finish it in one go) (I can own up to my weaknesses), and walking down the street doing weird dances that had even the most questionably-dressed tourists looking at us like we were the crazy ones.

The activity ended at La Barceloneta, were we all met up for drinks and dinner (which was delicious, by the way, I loved the finger foods that were passed around, there were these little mushroom sandwich things which were to die for).

I got to meet so many of my coworkers which I had only seen on-screen before, which was so much fun. Many of them mentioned reading my weekly entries and saying they enjoyed them, so: hi! It was very nice to meet you all and I hope that we can get to chitchat again soon!!!!! thank you for taking the time out of your busy, busy weeks to read my ramblings <3

The night continued with lots of fun, and also an award ceremony for the winners of the Barcelona Run competition, which ended up with our team winning third place! This was highly unexpected not just because we were sidetracked into a bar for a certain period of time, but also because some of our video submissions were very ridiculous (though, now that I think about it, I guess was kind of the entire point).

Shout out to my team!!! It was a lot of fun spending hours running around the city with you!!!

Right before we were kicked out by the restaurant late at night, we were given a small gift! I have expressed my love for cute merch before, but this definitely takes the cake. We got a customized tote bag and also a beach towel with Artificial Solutions logo stitched on it! I carry a tote bag 24/7 and love spending hours just laying around soaking up the sun, so I feel like I was very much the target audience for the gift.

Thank you so much for the team that put all of it together, it was such a fun time and I hope that I get to see the whole team together in Barcelona again soon!