Intern Diary: Homebound and Remote Working

intern diary week 16

Happy Monday, and happy last Monday of May! This Intern Diary entry is being posted from my childhood bedroom in Costa Rica! I haven’t been home for a couple of years (a pandemic happened, which, you know, sucked), so it’s very exciting to be able to be around friends and family after such a long time!

I have a confession to make: I’m writing this on the plane home, it’s been almost eight hours in this flying can, and I have about three left, and I think I might be losing my mind slightly. There’s only so many random movies I can watch, so many times I can scroll through my camera roll, or so many times I can bother the two other people on my aisle to let me through just to walk down the hallway to go to the bathroom and stare at my reflection for 30 seconds before returning to my seat.

I hate flying on airplanes. Not just because of the discomfort for a couple of hours, I actually deal pretty well with sitting down for 11 hours (I’m just a homebody). I just have a pretty big fear of flying in general. I’m not very comfortable when I’m not standing on solid ground (that includes boats as well), so the fact that my family is spread all across the world and I have always had to cross an ocean to be able to see them is a bit ironic, but I’m dealing pretty well on this flight (they offered little bottles of wine for lunch, which honestly, might have done the trick), and I’m pretty proud of myself.

I’m mostly just excited to land. Excited to have my favorite ice cream from the place close to my house, and to get my dog’s fur stuck to my clothes, and fight with my brother over the music that we play on drives (I tend to win those, my little brother is way too nice). I’m excited to wake up to the hustle and bustle of squirrels and birds roaming our backyard. I’m excited for the smell of the rain that is ever-present in Costa Rican afternoons throughout the entirety of the rainy season. I think I’ve said the word excited an illegal number of times now, so I’ll stop.

While I’m back home I’ll be able to continue working, which is one of the reasons that I was very excited when I was told that in the company we work in a hybrid manner, and that we can work remotely whenever we need, because I knew that I would need to come back home at some point during my internship to sort some things out. A lot of companies are now going back to full on-site work, not continuing with the shift that happened to workplaces during the beginning of the pandemic, but I’m glad Artificial Solutions has always allowed remote work, and continues to do so.

And while I do feel as though I work a bit more productively at the office (peer-pressure is a wonderful thing), and I enjoy being forced out of my pajamas and making my way downtown and socializing (and then having the excuse to treat myself to a smoothie or some iced tea), the opportunity to work from home is amazing, given that there’s any inconvenience or, especially, when I was going to class full-time alongside work, and the trip from home to school to the office would make me run out of hours in the day very quickly, and the ability to work either from campus or from home would free me from many hours on public transportation.

I think companies need to facilitate these kinds of work conditions for their workers, especially for companies where remote work can be easily facilitated. We’re bound to evolve with newer technologies and ways of working, while still being able to be productive.

Oh, turbulence just hit, so I think I’m going to be putting the laptop away and start counting down the seconds until we land!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week, and that you treat yourselves to something nice. I will be very busy annoying my dog.