Intern Diary: A Hectic Goodbye

intern diary

Happy Monday! This week is going to be a little hectic and a little sad because this is Monica’s last week at Artificial Solutions! The handover process has been happening for the last couple of weeks and there’s been a lot that has been needed to get done and settled before she leaves, so tasks and projects have owners once she leaves.

Her departure also comes with the migration from different database platforms, which has also taken up a lot of time setting up and making sure that all our bases are covered so that when the migration happens all our workflows will be uninterrupted.

This is my first time where a teammate leaves the company, and Monica and I worked closely together ever since I started here at Artificial Solutions, so it will mean a huge shift in the team dynamic and in my everyday work, and I will definitely miss her! She’s has truly gone out of her way to make sure that while I’m in this internship I am able to learn as much possible and has always given really good advice!

I decided that since this will be the last intern diary entry with Monica on the team, I could ask her a couple a couple of questions and some insights on starting a career in the tech industry!

I first asked about what her favorite part of working at Artificial (she didn’t say me but that’s okay, I’ll recover).

“My favourite part of working at AS was 100% the people. Everyone working here is incredibly talented. The People team hire really smart yet humble people and to me, that’s a sign of the great culture we have here at the company. People are not afraid to fail or be wrong, and senior management is always open to hearing ideas, even if you are not a manager yourself.”

artificial solutions marketing team
Artificial Solutions’ Marketing Team

Artificial Solutions’ Marketing Team

We also talked about how to choose a workplace that works for you and the career plans that you have, and especially choosing a company based on the people that you will be surrounded by and learning from.

“The most important person you will meet is your manager, since they will be the person you speak with day in and out. From having a great manager here at AS, it’s important to make sure you’re working with a manager who understands what you’re doing every day (…)  Go with a manager you can trust, even if the company idea might not be what you’re interested in. Your manager will make your role interesting and to me, that’s the most important thing of all.”

Starting out in an industry like tech, especially as part of a non-tech role, can be a bit intimidating, so I asked if she had any advice to anybody that is trying to start out.

 “My advise is if there is an area you want to try, just ask for it and see what happens. Always advocate for yourself. If there is an area you want to specialise in and they would say “no”, at the end, it’s just a word and it’s the meaning I give behind it that makes me feel “rejected”. No one can reject you but yourself. Think of yourself as a lawyer defending yourself in court. You want to get yourself the best deal, so do what you can to make that happen. It’s just one ask away.”

Since Monica has been such an important part of our team, her leave has been a busy time, and a time of a lot of quick learning, so that I will be able to take care of some of her projects when she’s gone.

Monica, thank you so much for everything! From the advice, to the calls just to rant, and (especially) to the memes, you’ve been such a good mentor during my months here, and starting out at Artificial Solutions wouldn’t have been the same without you! I’ll try to do justice to all the effort you’ve put into making sure that I know what’s going on in the CRM department.  

I hope everyone has a good week, and that everyone has fun during Sant Joan!