Intern Diary: Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

intern diary

Happy Tuesday! And happy end of June! This month has been very exciting for me, as I have finished turning in my dissertation and all my university work, and I will be graduating (hopefully!) in the next couple of weeks!

June also means Pride month! So, happy pride to all! I haven’t been able to participate much in the protests and activities this year, because I’ve been out of town for most of the month, but I hope it has been a joyful and safe time to share your experiences and to fight for the rights deserved by all in the community. Sadly, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done until we live in a world that respects and values people the way it should.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Committee

Within Artificial Solutions, I have joined the Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Committee (DE&I, for short!) which was created months before I arrived, in 2021, in an effort to create tangible changes within our company, and better align our values and hiring practices to those that are stated in our Diversity Manifesto.

“Artificial Solutions is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We hire great people from a wide variety of backgrounds, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it makes our company stronger. We welcome applicants regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender identity or Veteran status.”

The company decided that it wanted to contribute and become and active player in tackling these issues within the Tech industry, especially the issue of the gender gap both in more technical roles within the company and also within the management team.

The company decided to focus on one area, given that while diversity has always been in the DNA of the company, especially within the Tech space, there were still issues in the difference between the number of men and women on some teams. Operating within the Conversational AI space and with employees from all around the world and from different backgrounds, still did not create a truly equal employee base, an effort needed to be put in.


The team focuses on creating more inclusive job postings, reducing bias in recruitment, and creating a more transparent communication system, both internally and externally. The initiative has seen important results, with the company now reaching a 36% of employees and 43% of managerial positions being held by women.

From this focus on gender equality, the AiAllies initiative was born. AiAllies focuses on showcasing different women within the industry and broadcasting their experiences and insights to other women that might want to be entering the industry, in hopes of encouraging young women to enter STEM fields.

There still needs to be effort to be put in also creating a more equal towards other minorities and vulnerable-to-exclusion demographics, but the team is proud of the small drop of change that it has created so far, and is looking towards expanding its scope of focus once the targets for gender equality has been reached!