Intensive Business Competition Increases the Adoption of Digital Employees by Large Enterprises

Adoption of Digital Employees

So says the latest report from MRRSE.

But what it doesn’t point out is the importance of ensuring that the intelligent virtual employees that enterprises deploy today have a clear migratory path for the future.

And whilst some businesses are starting out with a Digital Employee to help improve web customer service and then progressing to other areas such as mobile, increasingly this step is being missed. The projects that we at Artificial Solutions are increasingly seeing our clients developing, leap over this almost interim, point solution for today and go instead to create speech-enabled NLI UIs for mobile apps and devices that help them offer unique differentiation in their marketplace.

An NLI platform, such as Teneo, is the only way to build speech enabled apps that will support the future MRRSE envisages.

You can read the report by clicking here.

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