Intelligent Contact Form Answers Question Before The Send Button Is Hit

Artificial Solutions, the natural language interaction and Customer Service Optimization specialist, announced today the launch of eMail Optimizer, an intelligent web contact form that significantly enhances customer experience by eliminating delays in response times. This latest product, which complements Artificial Solutions’ range of humanlike, intelligent and capable virtual assistants, enables organisations to answer a significant proportion of emailed questions intuitively, before the customer even hits the send button.

Using Artificial Solutions’ powerful natural language interaction engine, eMail Optimizer analyzes and interprets the meaning of an email inquiry as the customer types it into a ‘Contact Us’ form, displaying the answer alongside the contact form along with any relevant links. As the customer continues to type, the answer is continually refined based on the additional information until the question is complete and the most relevant answer is provided.
“Sending an email to a company is often the last resort for a customer,” says Lawrence Flynn, CEO of Artificial Solutions. “They’ve run the FAQ assault course, tried to figure out the magic word combination to find the answer in the search engine and can’t face an automated phone call. Some customers have to wait hours, even days just to resolve a simple query via email. Providing a mechanism that gives an answer to their query before they’ve even pressed submit not only dramatically improves customer satisfaction, it potentially avoids a lost sale too.”

Good customer service can also result in cost savings for the organization. Support via email is frequently time consuming and potentially uses more resources than a telephone call as live agents are drawn into protracted conversations through a succession of emails. Delivering the same information via the web is significantly more cost effective and early adopters of eMail Optimizer have already seen reductions of over 30% in email traffic into their call centre.

eMail Optimizer can be implemented in a phased roll-out rather than the traditional ‘all in one’ approach, delivering cost savings with the very first answer that is added. As further answers are added, eMail Optimizer increases its return on investment by automatically answering more questions, bringing yet further cost savings. If it doesn’t yet have the answer, eMail Optimizer will not activate and the email query will go through in the usual way once the customer clicks send or submit. This innovative approach to project implementation eliminates any cost barriers and allows customers to realize a very rapid return on their investment, typically earning back the initial outlay well within the first year.

Built upon Artificial Solutions’ robust and scalable natural language interaction engine, eMail Optimizer is capable of analyzing thousands of email inquiries at once. Completely transparent to the user, eMail Optimizer integrates seamlessly with an organisation’s “contact us” web form, adapting easily to branding, page design and house style. Like all of Artificial Solutions products it is designed to facilitate intelligent conversations between people and computers, and is available on any platform, in any language.

Andy, who lives with his family in the UK, is Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer at Artificial Solutions. A regular speaker at industry conferences and events, Andy delivers insight on the rise of AI, the challenges businesses face and the future of intelligent conversational applications.

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