How to Interview a Digital Employee

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Implementing a Digital Employee has reduced inbound calls and emails to contact centres by up to 40% for Artificial Solutions’ customers, but what are the essential questions you need to ask when employing your hardest working employee?

You can’t check out their high school grades, but you can ask if they can demonstrate intelligence through contextual understanding, implicit personalisation, and the ability to use their “common-sense” to ask questions of their own. In fact, these features should be a pre-requisite before you even start to question about other qualifications such as past experience and achieved goals in other organisations.

It takes every new employee a little time to learn about your business, but your digital employee should be able to digest current documents to help build up an instant set of questions and answers. Using your current knowledge base will help give their first few weeks a kick start and you a faster return on your investment.

In one recent implementation 100% of the scope of a project that covered over 20 domains and 30 knowledge areas was achieved in just 12 weeks. From the initial deployment 41% of all questions asked were answered to the full satisfaction of the customers conversing with the digital employee. 30% of the interactions exceeded five transactions, a clear indicator that even the more detailed queries were easily dealt with. The Teneo Digital Employee also understood 94% of every input – from real customers using their own words, not the organisation’s terminology. You can read more in our “Analysis of a Live Teneo Implementation” whitepaper.

Language is an important part of being a successful Digital Employee. It’s not just about understanding your customer and giving a grammatically correct answer. It’s about delivering the personality and brand values of the organisation, be it fun, authoritative or just plain friendly. And being able to do so in different languages depending on where your business is based.

A Teneo Digital Employee communicates like a native speaker in 35 languages thanks to a unique resource of millions of conversations developed over fifteen years and you can even choose the tone of those responses. While few companies would actually chose to have a sarcastic, post-fifties trash robot to represent their business, a quick chat with our very own Elbot makes this point eloquently. Disclaimer: Elbot’s views are his own. We promise to be more polite when speaking with you directly!

With Teneo, adding a new language capability to your virtual assistant doesn’t mean starting again from scratch. The modular way languages can be added means that you can reuse normally around 80% of your existing Teneo application and just adapt it to accommodate local customs, cultures or laws.

Once you’ve asked your potential candidate about the preliminaries, then you need to delve into the details. Does the Digital Employee work well as part of team integrated into every aspect of your business from CRM to Financials? How can they influence visitors to your website in real-time to increase your conversion rates? Can they scale up at a moment’s notice when your product is mentioned on primetime TV?

But you also need to ask, what can the digital employee give back to the business? Detailed analytics given in real-time enables a Teneo Digital Employees to deliver a deeper insight into the mind of a customer — why they didn’t purchase, what colour they really wanted, where they are going on holiday, which company they normally use, when their insurance is up for renewal. Small details that deliver you the power of a focus group, not just of a hundred people at a specific point in time, but of the hundreds and thousands of customers that interact with you daily.

The final question to ask is what about future development? There are a multitude of digital employees and virtual assistants out there offering point solutions. Teneo is the only one that delivers a complete platform that will start you on the digital transformation of your business and take you into the future of the natural language revolution.

To discover more read our whitepaper 10 Things to Ask Your Next Digital Employee now.

Ten ways that Teneo Studio Accelerates Bot-Building White Paper

AI is an evocative term. But the days when it conjured up images of arcane academic research or even science fiction are gone. Today AI means business. And that requires a streamlined, robust, and cost-effective process for building intelligent, conversational digital employees.

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Andy, who lives with his family in the UK, is Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer at Artificial Solutions. A regular speaker at industry conferences and events, Andy delivers insight on the rise of AI, the challenges businesses face and the future of intelligent conversational applications.

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